6 Tips for Marketing to Gen Z

By Anne Leonard

Gen Z, or the post-millenial generation born between 1995–2009, has their own set of unique habits that marketers must learn in order to target them. Here are 6 tips for marketing to the Gen Z demographic.

1. Gen Z looks to social media for the bulk of their news.

Twitter and Facebook are often the most popular outlets where Gen Z gets their news. This generation prefers engaging content that is also quick to comprehend so that they can share or tweet the article.

2. FaceTime trumps texting.

In short, this generation values face-to-face communication instead of lengthy texts.

3. Watching shows on TV is out; streaming websites are in.

Since this demographic prefers watching shows on Netflix, Hulu and other streaming websites, marketers looking to target them should focus their advertising efforts in these online avenues.

4. Watching videos or listening to audiobooks is preferred.

Carrying around books add bulk when commuting or exercising. The solution? This tech-savvy demographic is opting for reading or listening to books on their devices. This tip goes right in step with No. 3. To reiterate, marketing efforts should be focused on digital realms in order to best reach Gen Z.

5. College is a priority.

This goal-oriented demographic prioritizes furthering their education and obtaining a college degree. This of course makes online courses more attractive and convenient for those that also want to have a job while in college.

6. The purpose behind Gen Z constantly taking pictures is to increase their social status.

You’ve probably heard, jokingly, that if a picture isn’t taken, it didn’t really happen. Capturing experience and sharing them across social media, specifically Instagram, is a way for this demographic to strut their social status. This is why you’ll see perfectly edited, filtered and angled photos of food and travel on their accounts. Businesses have been taking note of this and making more Instagram-friendly settings for folks to take an attractive photo.

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