6 Tools to Develop a Fantastic Social Media Strategy

By Shelby Ballou

In today’s world, it seems like social media controls everything. This can make it hard for a company to stand out. Big companies, small companies, and entrepreneurs are all over social media, trying to gain new leads and customers. This can make it difficult for less social media savvy businesses to stand out in a unique way among their competitors.

To the bewilderment of many, there are several different social media platforms available and multiple ways to use them. What can a company do to make themselves stand out?

1. Twitter.

Twitter is a very popular social media channel. It’s a great way to build a loyal following and interact with your customers. However, posts are limited to 140-characters, and it’s very fast-paced. It requires constant communication with your followers. If that sounds doable, one way to stand out on Twitter is to send a positive thank you message any time your company gets mentioned. In addition, try to respond to questions as soon as possible.

2. Facebook.

Facebook recently changed their algorithm, so brands are getting less exposure. This makes it more important for companies to stand out. One way to do this is to make short and simple posts. Also, asking questions instead of making statements tends to increase interaction.

3. Images.

Use images whenever possible. A photo will catch the eye more quickly than a text post will. It will also help with your SEO optimization. Videos are also great!

4. Content.

Content is king. Once your image has caught their eye, the viewer will be searching for valuable content. What they read will determine if they click through. So, provide content that will make them want to click. Keep your target audience in mind!

5. Build a community.

Don’t just look for empty followers. Build a community. Inject some personality and humor into your brand. And remember to converse directly with your followers. Interact with them frequently. Like and respond to their posts. Retweet them.

6. Campaigns.

To keep your audience engaged, you need to be engaging, too. One way to do that is run cross-channel campaigns on your social platforms. To stand out, your campaign should have an inspirational or charitable aspect to it, something that will appeal to one’s emotions. How do you do this across channels? 1. Tell a powerful story with links back to your website. 2. Brand your campaign with a unique hashtag and name to make it memorable.

These are just a few ways to make your social media stand out in a sea of other social media savvy companies. Good luck!