Based on the recent study by CMO Survey, the pandemic has highlighted the importance of social media to marketers. For those who have their social media efforts, a major return on social media investments is expected.

Social media will continue to play an essential role in driving sales and customers – and as such, marketing leaders and specialists should have a concrete social media marketing plan accordingly.

The team from Grazitti Interactive shared, some strategies for marketing specialists and businesses to utilize this 2022. This is to help you establish a more agile, responsive, social media management approach.

1. Explore different opportunities with Formal Marketing Experiments

Social media is a place that allows you to verify your brand messaging, and derive insights from the feedback received from your target audience.

Always remember before you implement social media strategies, understand their impact on the goals of your organization.

2. Explore and Discover New Social Media Features

It is always a good idea to explore and experiment with new social media features that you can use to your advantage.

Experimenting with new features can help you strike a connection between your customers, build brand awareness, and create content quickly.

3. Align your Social Media with your overall Marketing Strategy.

73% of marketers believe that social media marketing has been very effective for their business. Since social media is already under the spotlight. Businesses and marketing strategists should grab this opportunity to align it with their businesses’ s overall marketing strategy.

 4. Agile Social Media Management

Social media is ever-changing. It requires businesses to adapt to the changing priorities. This is to ensure amazing social media management and have all the processes outlined.

Great social media management creates reachable goals and repeatable processes so they can test, learn, and grow quicker.

5. Have Partnerships with Business Influencers.

An influencer can help your businesses build your trust and authenticity. It is predicted in the next three years, that influencer marketing will rise to 12.7%

It is critical to select the right influences to reach your target audience. It is also important to give them proper training on product updates.

6. Creative Content is Key

Having to create creative and interactive content is important to any business. With the remote work culture setting in, it is important to provide content centered around the topics like webinar best practices, remote sales tips, remote marketing tips, virtual event strategy, and online GTM strategy.

7. Understanding Search Intern from Social Media

We know how powerful social media can be to drive the customer to your business. Social media spots are gold mines to determine user search intent. Monitor your social media and note down user queries to closely understand the user’s search intent.