7 Best Practices For Going Live on Social Media

By Shelby Ballou

going live

Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, are now allowing users to experience real time moments with the live feature. Success with this feature depends on catering to your audience and representing a company that’s successful, creative, and innovative. Here are eight best practices for going live on social media.

1. Know your audience.

Figure out what your followers want to see. Find content that resonates with them, and use that knowledge to plan your live broadcasts.

2. Notify your followers.

Don’t start filming your live broadcast until you notify your followers. Tell them when the live broadcast will be, and tell them what it will be about. This will give your followers a chance to spread the news and tell their friends.

3. Rehearse.

If you’re doing a Q&A video, review your questions and let the interviewees practice their responses. In addition, show them the simple camera you’ll be using to film the live broadcast. A small smartphone is way less intimidating than bright lights and a massive camera.

4. Check connectivity.

Before you start filming, make sure your internet connection is strong. The last thing you want is to suffer from several delays/interruptions during your live broadcast.

5. Check your sound.

If you’re going to have people speaking directly into the camera, use a lavalier microphone. If you’re recording an event, use a shotgun microphone.

6. Go live.

When you’ve completed the previous five steps, you’re ready to go live! It’s okay to feel nervous or anxious right before you start filming. Once you begin recording and the number of viewers starts to increase, you’ll feel a wonderful sense of relief wash over you.

7. Have fun.

Don’t forget to have fun. That’s the most important tip of all! Going live is a great opportunity to show off your brand on social media.

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