Businesses can spend tons of money to market themselves online. The question the small business owner must ask themselves is, “What are inexpensive ways I can market myself digitally?” Below are nine affordable online marketing methods.

1. Utilize major social media sites.

Create profiles on major social media sites that you think might appeal to your target audience. Plenty of these, such as Facebook and Twitter, are free.

2. Create original content.

Make sure that you regularly make use of a blog. Be sure to create exciting, new content that will capture your target audience’s attention.

3. Referrals will make a huge impact.

Get your friends, family, and employees to follow your business’s blogs and social media profiles. The word will get out about your business quick!

4.  Acknowledge the power of “reviewers” and bloggers.

Invite these people to review your product or services. Offer a free “sample” or trial service.

5. Co-market with reputable business.

Market your business or product in an already established business. Offer a discount or promotion for that business, and in turn, ask for one.

6.  Don’t be afraid to use paid search.

While paid search can be expensive, do not ignore it. Paid search, such as Google AdWords, could be a great place to start.

7. Use Twitter.

Follow major or key players in your area of industry. Engage with or retweet their posts.

8. Use Facebook Ads.

Facebook has a very specific advertising system. They’re very flexible in letting you decide how much you want to spend and to what extent your money will go. Take note of this, and start with a small budget.

9. Help a Reporter Out (HARO).

Hop on HARO and sign your business up as a source. This website connects reporters with sources and send 3 newsletters a day with different postings of media opportunities.