the art of storyteller marketing

Master the art of storyteller marketing if you want to encourage people to purchase and support your product or service. Don’t just give them an order, try telling them a story instead.

Storyteller marketing is a way to quickly capture a potential customer’s attention by connecting through emotion and empathy. Once you capture your customer’s attention, they’re able to remember your company’s vision long term.

Craft a Compelling Story

Narrow down your story so that it has a logical sequence: beginning, middle and end. With a similar approach used in traditional storytelling, storyteller marketing can be conveyed in three steps:

  1. Set the Scene. Introduce the current state of the market that connects to your customer.
  1. Present the Conflict. Introduce the problem that your customer is facing or will face.
  1. Solve it. End your “story” with a resolution of how your product or service will solve the aforementioned problem.

How to Make Your Story Worth Telling

Define Your Audience

You campaign is only successful if your message is being delivered to the right people that will use your service. In your “story” describe how your customers will benefit from what you’re selling.

Make Your Brand the Hero

When you make your product or service a character in your narrative that’s going to “save the day,” your brand instantly becomes integrated instead of associated.

Illustrate Your Story

Create a lasting imprint on your customers when you provide a clear image of how your brand will meet their needs.

Be Real

Use firsthand experiences from you, your employees or customers who have experienced your product or service. In addition, stories with a heartwarming message of overcoming adversity tend to be highly effective. If you or an employee has had to overcome many challenges to obtain an existing position, then when applied to the current market, your marketing campaign is golden, a story worth telling.

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