Welcome to the SLM 30 Day Command Challenge

Do you want to learn how to use the Command platform to build your business–and in turn, your profits–but don’t know where to start? Complete the Scott Le Roy Marketing’s 30 Day Challenge for Command to lay the groundwork for getting business through the Command platform!

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NOTE: Any and all of the items in any of our 30 Day Challenges are completely, totally, 100% optional. If you are unable or unwilling to complete any of the 30 Day Challenge items, you are welcome to skip it!

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Day 1

Watch the latest “Command Overview” class at www.SLMTraining.com

Day 2

Set up your Command Marketing Profile and IDX Site: youtu.be/wxZ6TgIAoLQ

Day 3

Learn how to add/edit a single contact in Command: youtu.be/iqBXpI_L9JQ

Day 4

Attend Ignite at your Market Center to learn how to launch your career: kwconnect.com/details/ignite

Day 5

Learn how to import many contacts at once: youtu.be/H12NWa0svGk. Add a minimum of 10 new contacts to your database.

Day 6

Export contacts from phone/email/etc: ScottLeRoyMarketing.com/Export. Scrub your exported lists.

Day 7

Send your contact file(s) (limit 5 per agent, per month) to Support@ScottLeRoyMarketing.com with your mykw username and password to be imported or import those lists on your own.

Day 8

Learn how to work with Tags in Command: youtu.be/09FA9N-6tWU. Make a list of tags you want to utilize in Command.

Day 9

Create the tags from your list in Command. Add tags to a minimum of 10 contacts.

Day 10

Learn how to export all contacts and mailing labels:  youtu.be/kIQwVCB2A6M

Day 11

Learn to set up the Monthly Neighborhood Nurture SmartPlan: youtu.be/vbDsDOKFHa4

Day 12

Assign 10 contacts to the Monthly Neighborhood Nurture SmartPlan. Review the other plans available.

Day 13

Update your Brand Assets within the Designs applet: youtu.be/YaAOVghfpJs

Day 14

Learn how to create Marketing Materials in the Designs applet: youtu.be/YaAOVghfpJs

Day 15

Create a new piece in designs to announce your move to KW or a New Listing!

Day 16

Learn about the Referrals tab in Command: ow.ly/QiSk30phmqf and add 3-5 agents to your Referral network.

Day 17

Learn about Tasks in Command: youtu.be/X87OSz5noAw

Day 18

Learn how to update multiple contacts at once: ow.ly/wu0k30pjVQi

Day 19

Learn about Opportunities: ow.ly/OSyN30phms1

Day 20

Create your Opportunities Checklists:  youtu.be/a1bMiEmKdd8

Day 21

Learn how to access your forms in Docusign:  youtu.be/FGVwrqQH8Mw

Day 22

Learn how to setup Client Updates for your Opportunities: youtu.be/LKJlKoetRI4

Day 23

Learn how to find your Closed Opportunities:  youtu.be/oueuQI63MYU

Day 24

Create lists for your Command Email:  youtu.be/S8adpstX088

Day 25

Create a Campaign in Command. These videos will help you learn how: ow.ly/bRH230pj6kR

Day 26

Learn how to download or email an Offer Comparison:  youtu.be/Qq0wAP0kSqs

Day 27

Learn how to create Landing Pages for specific purposes:  ow.ly/ehkL30pj6bH

Day 28

Set up your Goals in Command: bit.ly/2KLt7IJ

Day 29

Learn how to post to social media within Command: youtu.be/7rPCTLY5udE

Day 30

Learn how to share your branded KW App: youtu.be/yZm7zQZwOuI and share it with 10 people.


Once you’ve completed the SLM 30 Day Challenge for Command and gotten into the habit of adding to and updating your database regularly, you should have at the very least 260 contacts in your database if you’ve done your daily 10/4! Now you’re ready to move on to one of the other 30 Day Challenges for
, Social Media, or Search Engine Optimization