Welcome to the Team Jumpstart Challenge

Let Scott Le Roy Marketing help you jumpstart your Team in Command with this 11 day Challenge!

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NOTE: Any and all of the items in any of our Challenges are completely, totally, 100% optional. If you are unable or unwilling to complete any of the Challenge items, you are welcome to skip it!

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Day 1

Confirm with your Market Center Administrator that you have been setup as a team in the Team Admin Tool. Once you have been setup as a team, or added to an existing team, there is a 72-hour turnaround for you to gain access to the team tools. https://youtu.be/juWjzT9uMi8

Day 2

Attend our virtual Teams overview classes, our schedule is available on www.SLMTraining.com. You can also locate our past team classes on our YouTube playlist – Here

Day 3

Familiarize yourself with the platforms you have access to, based on your team permissions: https://youtu.be/3uzMYNr5RyE

Day 4

Capturing Leads as a Team – Make sure your Marketing, and team website have been setup the way you would like! Then learn how to capture leads as a team, these leads will go directly into your team database! https://youtu.be/0_ePXG9OIZU

Day 5

Setting up Lead Routing – How to confirm leads captured by the team database are being assigned and nurtured in a timely manner: https://youtu.be/yrCizPsjr1k

Day 6

Importing / Moving ContactsMoving personal contacts or importing personal contacts directly into the team profile, will disable the personal SmartPlans. KWRI has launched Team SmartPlans, however, these can only be setup and adjusted by the Rainmaker. Understanding the permissions you have under the team will play a role in your access to team contacts. The tip below will go over how to move contacts manually or up to 500 per time from your personal database to the team database! https://youtu.be/fspi3Itrk3A

Day 7

Marketing as a Team – Once you have moved your contacts over to the team profile, or captured leads as a team, you can start utilizing the team provided SmartPlans to nurture those contacts! The Rainmaker will want to adjust these SmartPlans to be sent on the behalf of the contact assignee or the Rainmaker. https://youtu.be/fW9By2X0dAU

Day 8

Master setting up opportunities under the team profile, making sure you are on the tab when creating the opportunity. **The rainmaker will always show as the owner for team opportunities, you will be added as the assignee. https://youtu.be/d69fkWzHOz4

Day 9

Learn how to share form access to room members within DocuSign https://youtu.be/pVx9ngWqeA0

Day 10

Add and assign team opportunity checklists to keep your team transactions organized: https://youtu.be/qUdKbsygnjE

Day 11

Continue your learning experience! Select a 30 Day Challenge or pick another jumpstart topic to complete!


Congratulations!! You have completed the Team Jumpstart Challenge! We look forward to helping you learn your Keller Cloud Technology and get setup for success!