Cloud storage and computing has become well-known for the ability to maneuver business with ease.

Different Kinds Of Cloud Computing


The public cloud is a simple method of sharing between businesses and great for collaboration. Client’s have no editing privileges; this type of cloud computing is accommodated by the cloud vendor and offers basic business access.


This type of cloud computing is more secure for business, but not as cost-effective as the public cloud. The private cloud is specific to your business and not used by other organizations.


The hybrid cloud is the combined usage of both the private and public cloud. This type of cloud computing brings the benefits of both to your business. Due to this, the hybrid cloud is very lucrative for online business.

Keeping these distinctions in mind, keep reading to see the 10 most common myths surrounding cloud computing busted!

Myth 1: It’s exclusively for businesses specializing in tech

The cloud is for everyone! Its design accommodates any business, large or small. Because of this, many online businesses are transitioning to the cloud today.

Myth 2: There are many security risks

The cloud has been quickly evolving to match present business needs. There are extensive security measures taken to ensure your information is safe, furthermore, these methods always being updated.

Myth 3: The cloud improves everything!

The cloud has brought numerous benefits to business owners, one of them being the ability to use the latest applications to help your business. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean it has improved everything – the cloud has difficulty running older apps that were originally designed to run on specific servers.

Myth 4: Cloud computing is cheaper

The cloud has brought many benefits to business owners; one of these being the cost appeal. However, the cloud is not always cheaper than your old business methods. As specified above, one of the types of cloud computing, private, can be more expensive. The extra cost can be worth the improved functionality and security offered for your business.

Myth 5: The cloud is not environmentally friendly

The cloud actually saves energy and reduces pollution due to the unique access is grants.

Myth 6: Cloud computing is bad for employment

Cloud computing is not a threat to employment, but rather an asset! The cloud is said to have created over 13 million jobs across the world, with this number continuously increasing.

Myth 7: The cloud is too much hassle

In contrast, your business can begin to reap the benefits of the cloud in no time with some effort. If you’re not comfortable moving your business to the cloud on your own, there are a number of reputable hosts available to help provide a seamless transition.

Myth 8: Cloud computing is not for specific tasks

You can use the cloud for all areas of your business. The ability to use mission-critical applications is an attractive aspect to cloud computing.

Myth 9: The cloud is virtualization

Virtualization is a specific type of software that shapes hardware. The cloud is not virtualization, but points to a server resulting from virtualization.

Myth 10: Your business is stuck in a Vendor “lock in”

The cloud has vast opportunities for business owners, including the ability to build your own applications and use multiple vendors. There’s nothing to stop your business from taking off!

The Benefits Of Using The Cloud For Business

Cloud computing has brought many new and attractive qualities to the table for online businesses. The increased collaboration the cloud offers your business opens up many new opportunities to thrive.

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