How to Combat Social Media Marketing Mistakes

By Anne Leonard

Social media marketing mistakes are inevitable, especially during a time when every move we make is on display. So how do we try to prevent them?


Here are six common social media marketing mistakes and the strategies to combat them:

1. Using too many platforms

Businesses often assume that the more platforms they are apart of, the more engagement they will receive for their brand. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. You have to pinpoint the best-fitting platforms for your audience and focus on those. If you’re trying to market to a younger generation, for instance, you’re likely to focus on Instagram and Facebook.

2. Not reviewing your analytics

How can you know what strategy is working best if you’re not looking at your site’s data? Exactly. Regularly tracking your analytics is key to know if you’re being effective. Each platform has their own analytic component that you should be reviewing on a normal basis.

3. Posting without a plan

There has to be a balance when it comes to posting. Posting too often will cause you to lose followers. But, if you don’t post enough, the likeliness of gaining a following will be next to none because you’re not on a schedule that can be followed. There’s no concrete answer on the magic number of posts per platform, but it should be always be consistent so your followers know when to expect content. To get an idea, some experts recommend 1–2 post per day for Facebook and 5–6 tweets daily.

4. Overselling

Yes, you certainly need to include calls to action (to ‘like,’ share and tweet), but you need to balance those with relationship-building posts to build trust among your clients. When you perfect this balance, you can establish trust, educate your fans and engage them all at once.

5. Thinking you’re done learning

Social media is constantly evolving, and it’s up to you to keep up with each platform’s changes and new rules. To keep up with the digital marketing world, subscribe to reputable blogs. If you rely on Google for articles, pay close attention to the source and date it was published.

6. Not asking for help

Business owners, it’s OK to ask for help with social media. Social media can take up much of your time, and hiring a social media manager to take over that responsibility will be a lifesaver.

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