7 Content Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Blog

By Anne Leonard

Blogging is an instrumental tool for reaching your audience in a thoughtful way and bringing on new customers. Though, to do this, you’ve got to master these content marketing hacks to reel in more traffic to your site.

Here are seven content marketing hacks to guarantee blog growth:

1. Write product reviews.

What’s the first thing that you do when you’re looking to make an important purchase? You look to product reviews. Writing product reviews are an easy way to draw in traffic, but be wary that you’re writing honest reviews. Readers can quickly detect if you’re being biased, and you could lose potential customers.

2. Post about a trending topic from your own unique perspective.

Look to popular sites like Buzzfeed, Facebook and Twitter to find the most current topics. Once you find your topic, approach it from a different perspective that will be most appropriate for your readers. By adding your own unique voice, readers are more likely to subscribe.

3. Share your readers’ content.

Engagement plays a vital role in your blog’s growth. Entice your readers with a contest or a way to win products by asking them to share their thoughts or photos. As you share their content, it doubles as a way to gain new readers while also engaging your current audience.

4. Keep your standards high.

Double- and triple-check your posts before publishing them. Poor grammar, spelling mistakes and inaccurate information are immediate red flags that will discredit you as a reliable source of information. In addition, reread your posts carefully to ensure they are engaging and not repetitive.

5. Link to other blogs within your site.

The more links you include in your blogs, the more SEO points you’ll gain. Linking across your website also lets your audience and search engines know there’s related content within your domain.

6. Make your blog shareable.

It’s a no-brainer that the more often that readers share your content, the more engagement you’ll receive back to your blog. Don’t make them hunt for the ‘sharing’ button. Make sure the buttons to share your posts are noticeable and in an easy-to-find place.

7. Invite influencers to be guest bloggers.

When prominent, respectable individuals within your industry contribute to your blog, it’s an instant hit. Reach out to a local celebrity, entrepreneur or popular blogger and see if they are willing to guest blog, be interviewed, share their opinion or even endorse you.

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