Video livestreaming is the latest tool for businesses to market their products. It’s no secret that video has become a vital part of marketing strategies, but live-stream coverage is becoming another integral component to growing brands.

Simply, video livestreaming occurs when footage is transmitted across the internet in real-time. While this used to be only available for specific platforms, today, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are equipped with this unique feature.

Though, with any new marketing component, a thoughtful strategy should accompany. Unplanned videos can have a negative effect on your brand, so it’s important to develop your marketing goals ahead of time.

Here are some tips to developing a video livestreaming strategy for your business:

Give your viewers a sneak peek.

Let your viewers know when you’ll be live in advance. While you could take the risk of not giving them notice, you will see a significant increase in views and engagement if you take our advice.

Draft a rough script.

Video livestreaming is a great place to be candid and allow your followers to see a different side of your business. However, you’ll still want a rough script of the video’s agenda. Make a few bullet points to keep you on track while filming. That way, your viewers aren’t left feeling confused, which leads to less customer conversions. In addition, be careful to not sound like a rehearsed advertisement. While your video is advertising your brand, but your viewers will be more likely to engage if it’s more conversational.

Offer a variety of fresh content.

Mix up how you deliver your content when livestreaming. One afternoon, you may show your followers a how-to video for one of your products. In another video, you may be on the scene at the latest event that’s related to your industry. Keep your content fresh and exciting by mixing it up, which keeps your viewers more interested.

Stay true to your brand.

Sure, livestreaming is fun and entertaining for both your followers and your company. You’ll still want to make sure you stay true to your brand’s defining mantra. Essentially, this is the theme that encompasses your brand and why its products are the best choice for consumers.

Pull at the heartstrings.

Monotone advertisements won’t reach your customers as much as those fueled by emotion will reach. Video is the one of the best mediums to channel your customer’s emotions. So, it’s best to craft content based on your audience’s needs and interests. This results in more connection and loyalty among your customers.

Entice your audience with incentives.

Let your audience know ahead of time that there will be specials or deals announced only in your livestream video. Incentives can increase new viewers over time, and it will also encourage your current customers to remain loyal to your brand.

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