To have your domain forwarded to your KW website or even your KW APP, please fill out this short form and click send.


You must have already purchased a domain from a domain registrar such as,, or prior to completing this form. This form does not generate a custom domain for you, it only connects your pre-existing domain to your KW site.

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    NOTE: If your domain provider has two-step verification enabled, it will need to be disabled temporarily.

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    You can look this up here

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    If you have multiple domains you want all pointed at the same site, please list all domains in this field

    This does not create a domain address for you, it must already exist

    NOTE: Many MLS organizations and State Licensing authorities frown upon the use of “REALTOR” or “Realty” in a domain name. Please check with your local authorities to avoid a compliance violation.

    What is the username For The Site Where You Purchased Your Domain (for Godaddy, Customer Number works best)

    NOTE: We are not asking for the name of the domain registrar again.

    What is the password For The Site Where You Purchased Your Domain

    NOTE: We are not asking for the password for our website

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