Email Marketing: 4 Tips for Success

By Shelby Ballou

1. Write a call-to-action.

Keep your CTA short and sweet. This will help your audience know exactly what next steps to take. Successful CTA phrases include, “Shop Now”, “Learn More”, and “Request a Demo”. You should also test every subject line you use so you can get the best engagement and click-through rates.

2. Use short subject lines.

Seven words is the most common subject line word length, but three word subject lines have the highest engagement rates. There are also certain words recipients prefer to see in the emails they receive. Subject lines referring to “yesterday” and “tomorrow” have higher engagement rates than “today”. Also, remember that it’s best to refrain from using hashtags or links in your subject line.

3. Use the pre-header wisely.

The pre-header is the small snippet of text that can be seen in the inbox, after the subject line. You can use this space to reiterate the CTA or add an additional important note that you didn’t have space for within the subject line. Don’t leave the pre-header blank, or it will leave an automatic placeholder intact.

4. Make emails compatible.

Email campaigns needs to be attractive and compelling across multiple platforms. Most email template are designed for a standard desktop, which is too wide for most smartphones. Include a plain text version in HTML email and use responsive design templates.

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