When it comes to getting better digital marketing results, here are 6 tips that will help you improve your marketing team’s performance.

1. Be patient.

Most business owners and marketing/sales professionals are extremely impatient. The pressure is always on, so they want instant gratification. But even if you have a clear plan of action, you can’t expect your marketing team to deliver fantastic results overnight. Give your marketing team at least one year to perform in line with your vision, mission, and culture. With that being said, don’t wait a year to assess the team’s performance. Set monthly goals, and make sure they’re being met.

2. Create a marketing plan.

It’s not enough to create a marketing plan in your mind. You need to have a written document that you and your team can analyze and adjust as you go. It’s a living, breathing document that gets updated constantly. Your plan should include the key elements for marketing and sales goals, action steps, accountabilities, target dates, budget, and analytics.

3. Pay your employees well.

Don’t be cheap. Determine a compensation that’s fair to your bottom line and keeps the loyalty of your best employees. You’re almost guaranteed to lose your best people if you don’t keep your word when you agree to pay for great performance.

4. Hire the best of the best.

In order to hire great employees, you need to master the art of recruiting. Top notch employees won’t need much training. They’ll have a history of great performance, and they’ll be worth whatever pay scale they request.

5. Hire a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).

If you’re ready for a full-time chief marketing officer (CMO), go for it. Know what the top marketing talents earn, and be willing to pay it when you find something great for the role. If you can’t invest a six-figure salary and benefits, outsource the position.

6. Don’t hold your team back.

We get that you’ve been let down by marketers in the past. But don’t put that burden on your new team. Let your best people bring in awesome results. If you have the right people on your marketing team, you won’t be disappointed.

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