Your Guide to the 2017 Video Marketing Trends

By Anne Leonard

Video marketing has become an essential marketing component since it ranks you high with Google. This is why it’s more important now than ever to use videos within your content. Though, now that videos are gaining popularity, you can’t just create any average video. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest video marketing trends.

Branded Content

Videos that promote the brand and mission.

While branded content sounds like a commercial, this popular video marketing trend is much more polished. In the past month alone, research shows that there has been a 25 percent increase in branded content.  This has also increased over 30 percent more social media views.

Video Landing Pages

Pages containing videos that directly link from ads. 

When you choose the right landing page for your ad, you can reel in major sales. Businesses used to use written content more, but they’re realizing videos are much easier and quicker to process for the customer.

Video landing pages can increase conversions and also entice visitors to stay on your page longer. In addition to including video on your landing pages, include employees or company leaders so that your customers can put a name to a face and build more trust with your brand.

Live Video

Video marketing trend featuring live streaming content.

You’ve probably noticed prominent social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, using live video more frequently. Periscope has also gained more popularity as the app streams 350,000 hours of content daily. Brands will often feature product reviews, celebrity takeovers and fun Q&A sessions. If you’re a blogger or musician, you may even use live video to invite your fans into a more behind-the-scenes look into your life.

Email Marketing

Videos within email marketing campaigns.

Sure, emails are primarily written content, but videos have been shown to increase the click-through rate greatly. A Forbes study showed that including video within an email marketing campaign increases the click-through rate, forwarding and time spent in the email by 50 percent. Simply using “video” in the email’s subject line increased click-through rates and reduced the number of unsubscribes over time.


Video snippets without audio.

GIFs aren’t technically videos, but similar to videos, they can provide easily digestible information in a matter of seconds. Brands have had great success when using GIFs on social media since they can deliver more emotion than a Tweet, for instance. They can also be more engaging and relatable to your audience since GIFs are often created from popular shows and movies.

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