How Successful is Your Online Brand?

By Hannah M.

How Successful is Your Online Brand?


The Importance of Assessing Your Social Media Performance

It is important for any business to assess progress and this is easily done through social media. There are a variety of tools available with technology today that can greatly benefit your business and give you specific data on your interactions, such as BuzzSumo and Sprout Social. These tools can help increase your performance by giving you a in-depth perspective into the metrics specific to your business; therefore, making the process of tailoring your brand to your consumers simpler than ever.

Your social media presence is imperative to every aspect of your online business; by marketing your brand correctly and analyzing consumer preferences, you can watch your business take off in real time.


3 Factors to Measure Your Social Media’s Effectiveness

  • Increase in Followers

One important factor when examining your online performance is the number of followers on your social media profile. A tell-tale sign that your brand is increasing in influence is watching your number of followers increase! Think of your followers as your audience – if your audience number is rising, they’re interested in your brand, so you’re doing something right! Adversely, if the number of followers on your profile is dropping, it may be time to refresh your brand.

  • Social Media Interactions

The second factor you will want to consider is the reactions to your social media posts. Through assessing the number of interactions (such as likes, reposts, and tags) you receive on your profile, you can determine what entertains your “audience” the most!

Tailoring your social media presence to your followers specific interests can help you keep and continue to gain followers while building your online reputation.

Ask your clients to mention and tag you in a post if they’re happy with your business – this promotes your brand by broadcasting to to followers you may not have reached yet.

  • Click Through Rate

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, is examining your click through rate (CTR). The higher the click through rate, the more successful your online brand. This means more traffic to your site, thus increasing your outreach and popularity.

Analyzing your click through rate is necessary to determining your influence and what is most relevant to your customer base.                                                                  

Boost Your Business Through Social Media

There are many tools available online for your business that can help determine what is the best way to improve outreach and overall success. Your social media performance is key to the influence of your online business.  By utilizing all the help available for your unique brand, you can easily monitor your performance and decide what the next step to success is for your business.

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