There are many components to being a motivating leader, and likewise many styles of leadership. A motivating leader is someone who can inspire, empower and take action to motivate others, regardless of methods. There are six keywords to remember about a great leader, the most important being how they motivate others. By motivating others to do their best in all endeavors, they can set higher personal goals, thus improving work satisfaction and achievement.

Keep reading for three ways you can improve your leadership skills and become a more motivational leader!

3 Ways To Motivate Others

1. Share Your Passion and Goals

A great leader has faith in their team’s mission and is motivated to share their vision. Great leaders have a visible zeal to succeed. Smiles are contagious! So is a leader’s enthusiasm for success. A great leader will always bring the same level of zeal to the table, and use it as a strong motivational tool to help empower those around them and improve overall performance.

2. Show Compassion

The best way to show you have genuine enthusiasm at work is through compassionate actions. Many leaders focus solely on themselves and personal expertise; a great leader knows the success of the team is dependant on the success of each individual and will act accordingly. Showing team members their value can be done through simple actions, such as constructive feedback, active listening habits, requesting professional opinions, thank you notes and more. Take the time to ask questions and listen to those around you; a little bit of thought can go a long way! Create an atmosphere of genuine compassion to improve business reputation and work satisfaction.

3. Lead With Action

Motivational leaders do more than just give a good speech! They lead lives that hold true to their core values. Great leaders take actions that coincide with what they preach. The “PTS Method” is a great way to lead through your actions. Short for “Prepare to Serve”, this method is easy to use. Whenever you are faced with change, remind yourself, “prepare to serve”. This method will help you to focus on your actions and the example you are setting; therefore, improving your leadership style.

Follow these three steps consistently to become the best leader possible! There are many different leadership styles, but keeping compassion at your core paves the road for your business success.

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