A great first impression sets the tone for your business. A client can decide within seconds if your business is one they trust or feel uncomfortable with. Those first few seconds are crucial! It will set the tone for the entire client relationship; therefore, it’s imperative your business makes a great first impression!

Simplicity is key!

The first way you can make your mark as a client-oriented business is by ensuring simplicity is at the heart of all client tools. Pay close attention to your website. Is it easy to navigate? With digital tools constantly improving, most clients will go to your website first. Due to this, you will want to carefully craft your website to be simple and bold. Be sure to put all contact points, addresses, and essential information in an easy to reach spot. 

Create a personal experience

Automated messages can save your business time, but lose clients in the process. To best create a personal experience for customers, be sure to have phone lines answered by a qualified person. Nothing is more frustrating than being left on hold again and again for a simple business question! In order to create the best first impression, consider investing in training someone to professionally answer your phones and respond to all client questions. Creating a wonderful first impression by considering these details can greatly improve business repute as well as client retention. 

Provide Quality Care

Regardless of the client, in order to maintain a great reputation, be consistent with client care! Clients want to feel important and respected; treating a certain client with some care and another with more qualified care can hurt your business. Be consistent and treat each client as if they are the most important customer!

Leaving clients with a great first impression can be a determining factor in the success of your business. Creating a clean and comfortable first experience is important!

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