A great first impression sets the tone for your brand. Client’s can decide within seconds if your business is one they trust or feel uncomfortable with. Those first few seconds are crucial! It will set the tone for the entire relationship; therefore, it’s imperative your business makes a great first impression!

Present a clean business atmosphere

What prospective clients see first greatly influences their perception of your organization. When you enter an organization, you can tell almost immediately if it’s a warm, inviting atmosphere where clients are valued. Many successful businesses will have a receptionist, or someone who can greet those who come in the door, offer a refreshment, and direct to the correct department. This key role can play a huge part in retaining customers! Your reception area should accurately show off your business. Take this opportunity to personalize the tone and offer unique service.

Some ideas you can use are: 

Brag wall

On your “brag wall” you can include client testimonials, staff of the month, and other highlights to show clients that they’re in the right place for business.

Data center

There are many ways to show off your business highlights! One great way to do so is by having a spot in your organization with screens reflecting your total monthly and yearly growth. This can reassure clients they’ve chosen a reputable business, as well as improve team morale.

Business Expansion

Another good way to personalize your reception area is by creating a spot to showcase your outreach. Frame important moments, such as new openings, working with a partner, and different locations you’ve provided service for.

Your reception area is only one piece of the puzzle. Presenting a clean environment is imperative to client comfort, which is a necessary factor to clients when choosing a business. If you’re in a dirty, hectic environment, you probably wouldn’t feel very comfortable. The same is true for clients when visiting your organization. Clutter can suffocate your business. Be sure all electronics are working correctly, toss any unused or broken furniture, repaint, recarpet, and ensure your business is presenting it’s best side!

Don’t forget the bathrooms! Restock toilet paper, air freshener, paper towels, etc. Attention to detail is appreciated by clients. 

Timing is everything

Finally, be sure you’re always on time. The quickest way to leave a client with a bad impression is by keeping them waiting for a meeting. Being late is seen as unprofessional as well as impolite. Show clients you care for them by being timely and professional.

Leaving clients with a great first impression can be a determining factor in the success of your business. Creating a clean and comfortable first experience is important!

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