It’s necessary to the life of your business to stay current with the latest digital tools; this includes building a website for your online clients. Your business website should be carefully crafted for the best results. Keep reading for tips on how to create the ideal website.

Clarity Is Key

Starting out, it may seem the appearance of your website is vital. Your design is an important component; however, clarity is key when creating a great site. Most of your viewers are not going to be judging you on your design choices. Generally, they are looking for information, and you want to ensure clarity to improve traffic rates. Over-designing your site can cause it to appear crowded, making it difficult for clients to find what they need. 

Building a great website is all about simplicity. See the below tips to create a clear, simple site!

  • Colors

Don’t use too many colors. If you want to bring attention to certain areas, this is where small splashes of color are best served. Otherwise, keep you design down to one or two colors. 

  • Visuals

Multi-purposed visuals are typically the only ones you should be using, excluding your logos and site banners. Too many will be distracting. Embed visuals with links to pages on your site with key information, such as emails, numbers, addresses, services, support, etc. 

  • Fonts

Be sure any fonts you use are large and easy to read. Similar to overusing colors, too many different typefaces can be distracting. Stick to just one or two for the best results.

Website Visuals

Next to website clarity, you need to ensure your site is visually appealing. It will need to be organized in a way that visitors can easily accomplish their goals. You can optimize your site to lead visitors to the desired pages, by updating certain colors, texts, visuals and more. 

Site Navigation

Navigational ease is what most online visitors are looking for. Everything in our digital society is fast-paced, so you should design a site that is quick and easy to navigate. If you want engagements to go up, work on your usability! This is a key factor that can greatly affect traffic. 

Some tips to improve usability: 

  • Include a sitemap on the footer with links
  • Keep it simple on each page – the less options, the better
  • Be clear with each link title so users don’t go to an unnecessary page 

The Power of a Consistent Website

A consistent site is one that brings in visitors and potential clients. Consistency is key when creating an appealing site. Colors, fonts, visuals and language tone should all be consistent in order to positively influence navigation. 

Some Final Tips 

All of the above components are vital factors when creating the ideal website for your business. Do you already have a business site, but it needs refreshing? Use the above strategies to see your online business start to soar!

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