Twitter is a busy platform with specific and wide-reaching advertising methods. This emerging marketing trend is quickly evolving to an extremely useful tool for your business. 42% of Twitter users follow brands or companies, which makes it a strong marketing method. Interested in using Twitter ads to boost your business? Follow this quick guide to Twitter ads to jumpstart your business today!

Create Your Twitter Advertising Account

First, if you have not set up a Twitter account for your business, do so now. You will need to be active on Twitter in order to set up their ads. Tailor your profile to include your business mission statement, description, profile photo and graphics. Before setting up your Twitter ads, you must have a complete profile so be sure to fill with as much relevant information as possible.

There are a few eligibility rules to check prior to running your ad. You must be compliant with all Twitter policies, have an active Twitter account, along with a having a profile and header picture.

Choose Your Campaign

Once you’ve completed setting up your Twitter account, choose the type of campaign you want to begin.  Determine by specific client needs, you can pick the most relevant campaign to use. You can promote an account, tweet, trend or advertisement. You will have the option to choose what you want your specific campaign to accomplish, such as raise awareness, tweet engagement, increase follower count, conversion rates and more. You are also able to select a target audience.

Create Your Advertisement

Once you have picked your campaign, you are ready to make your advertisement. Name your campaign, pick the audience, set a budget and create a design. There are many options to choose from when and for how long you want your campaign to run, this is all determined by personal need.

Select Your Target Audience

Now that your Twitter ad is created, you will want to select your correct target audience. Define the kind of audience you want your ads to target. By determining who needs your services the most, you can exclusively market to gain the highest return. Twitter allows you to be as specific as you need to best find potential clients.

Define Your Budget

After choosing your target audience, you will need to set your budget. You will need to set a daily budget; you can also create a total budget for your advertisements. Once your budget has been hit, the campaign will stop.

Create Your Design

Finally, create your marketing design. Here you are able to personally design what your campaign will look like. Be sure to optimize for the Twitter platform. You can use a previous tweet, or create a new one. Once you have reviewed the budget and ensured it has the effect you want, click “Launch” to begin.

Twitter advertisements are growing in popularity, due to the increasing flexibility and ability to boost your business. With all of the emerging online marketing trends, it’s important to stay informed on what can best assist your business. Twitter is a preferred social media platform that is a great way to share information, improve reputation, connect with clients, and much more!

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