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There’s an art to writing emails people will read, and startup project Boomerang has recently launched a new tool to make sure your messages are clear, concise and recipient-friendly.

You may already be familiar with Boomerang if you have an account with Gmail or Outlook. Boomerang makes a plug-in for these email platforms allowing you to “snooze” designated messages. Since the snooze button makes these messages temporarily disappear, they’ll reappear at a later time.

The startup’s newest email gadget is the Artificial Intelligence-powered tool, Respondable.

Here’s how Respondable works:

  • As you write your email, it analyzes your message to measure the likeliness of your recipient responding.
  • The tool then detects red flags in your message (i.e., if the tone is rude, the subject is too long, etc.).
  • Respondable suggests ways to improve its readability.
  • You’re then equipped to edit your email accordingly.

Essentially, Respondable ensures that your message is conveyed to the recipient, prompting a response every time. In addition, Boomerang CEO Alex Moore and his team found that too simple or too advanced of a writing style deters your recipient from responding. His team found that 3rd grade is the optimal reading level when it comes to emails.

Other tools have also been introduced to assist with email readability with the help of artificial intelligence. For instance, Crystal is a startup that uses public data to fill the sender in on the personality of their email’s recipient. Or leave it to Clara, X.ai or Microsoft’s Genee to help you schedule meetings according to your emails. Google is also on the bandwagon by generating automatic replies to emails.

Boomerang doesn’t just provide a snooze button or email writing tips. The plug-in can also remind you about emails that are awaiting responses, a unique tool that other programs have not been able to execute.

Try consulting one of these email plug-ins to write better, actionable emails to your clients.

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