When people think of advertisement ideas for their business, their first thought is often networking. They think of digital networking first, but forget that much of networking is done in person. Face-to-face networking through your community can prove to be a vital part in advertising your business. These tips can help you promote your business through community related events.

  1. Talk to event centers that host clubs, shows, charity events, and organizations. Find an event that could fit your business, and offer to speak or sponsor the event. For instance, you might host a pizza night at your favorite Italian restaurant in town. You can host the evening, promote your business from a set time (6pm to 8pm), and have a small portion of the proceeds go to a charity or cause your company is passionate about.
  2. Work with schools and youth groups. Engaging with this young demographic and showing them a good time or sponsoring their sports club could spread the word about your business to their parents. In addition, if you create a loyal customer as a teenager, they’ll probably stick with you for life.
  3. Go to local fairs and set up a booth. This is the perfect opportunity to engage your community one on one and show them how great your business is. Make sure to be creative and incorporate a fun game or content to attract fair visitors.
  4. Regularly sport merchandise with your logo and carry business cards. Be sociable, and find the right opportunity to slip in that business card. It’s always good to have your business card on hand. You never know when you’re going to need it!
  5. Arrange an event, such as a game night or neighborhood ice cream social. It doesn’t have to be a grand event, but hosting something small and fun could potentially draw a crowd. They might come for the ice cream, but they’ll stay once you start telling them about your awesome company.