What is IDX and how do IDX feeds affect me as a KW Associate?

IDX, also called RETS, stands for “Internet Data eXchange”, and is the connection that brings listing data from your MLS to your website.

Each KW Associate should have two (2) separate IDX feeds:

  1. Wolfnet IDX for the KW App
    1. MLSNotify@Wolfnet.com for more information
    1. DataOps@Placester.com for more information
  2. Market Leader IDX for the eEdge Database and Website
    1. eEdgeIDX@MarketLeader.com for more information

Check out this video to check the status of each of these IDX connections:

Because the specific process to set up IDX varies between hundreds of Market Centers and MLS boards, we are unable to provide specific instructions for your individual situation.

The IDX request process usually involves sending a pre-approved format of a request for IDX, with the agent, broker, website provider, and MLS information to the website provider, who then contacts the MLS to set up the IDX connection.

For the majority of KW Market Centers, Market Center Leadership should have specific information about the process for setting up the 3 IDX feeds on hand, and can help with that process.

Depending on the MLS board you are a member of, there may be fees associated with the setup of the IDX feed, and/or monthly fees to maintain the IDX feed. Most MLS boards do charge some fee for an IDX connection, please refer directly to your MLS board for more information about IDX fees. SLM does not have any information about IDX fees.

The first IDX connection necessary for a KW Associate is the Wolfnet IDX, which is managed through eAgentC for your branded KW App. Without the Wolfnet IDX, two key features of the KW app are missing:

  1. The ability to search all local listings
  2. The ability to create an account to save properties.

Without IDX, users of the KW app will only be able to search KW listings, not any listings outside of Keller Williams. App users will also encounter an error any time they attempt to register for an account or favorite a property. You can see how this would render the app essentially useless.

One of the prerequisites to have this IDX connection set up is for your MCA (Market Center Administrator, the person responsible for providing commission checks to agents) to add your MLS ID to your KW Whitepages profile. This is something that only the MCA has the ability to do, you cannot add it yourself.

If your MCA has questions about how to do this, share this video with them for step-by-step instructions

The second IDX connection necessary for a KW Associate is for the older eEdge Website and database system. If either of the two IDX connections could be seen as “optional”, this is the one.
This IDX connection enables:

  1. Creating listing-enabled marketing materials for listings in your office such as “Just Listed” or “Open House” flyers or emails. This can be worked around by using the KWLS as the MLS for the eEdge database, and wouldn’t cause much of a problem.
  2. Your listings to show in the “Market My Listings” section to create listing flyers or share to social media. This can again be worked around by using the KWLS as the MLS option, or by entering your listing manually into eEdge.
  3. Setting up “Listing Alerts” for your contacts in your eEdge database. This is the only feature here that cannot be worked around by using the KWLS, as it will only alert of KW listings, not any listings outside the company.

Neither KW International nor Scott Le Roy Marketing has any control over the decisions of any MLS organization to charge their members for IDX feeds. Also note that neither KW International nor Scott Le Roy Marketing has the ability to make your KW Technology tools work without an IDX connection, as listing information can only come directly from the MLS, not from any other source.

Please see this video for more information about the two IDX feeds each KW Associate Needs:

To learn how to use the “Market My Listings” section within eEdge after IDX has been set up, see this video: