During the busy retail holiday season, businesses that sell products and services online need to tinker with their digital marketing strategy to attract holiday shoppers. Digital shopping is expected to rise 25% this year, which means marketers need to be even more creative with their efforts. Shoppers are already overwhelmed with hundreds of ads and emails from retailers announcing sales and holiday events.

Here are a few digital marketing tips to attract more holiday shoppers this Christmas season.

1. Create an amazing mobile experience.

Many consumers browse and (and sometimes purchase) holiday items on a smartphone or tablet. Marketers can take advantage of this trend by creating a mobile-friendly, easy-to-navigate holiday shopping section. This section might include top-reviewed and top-rated items, latest discounts, and special offers.

2. Build a buyer’s guide section.

A buyer’s guide designed for certain types of gift recipients or shoppers can help shoppers with their difficult buying decisions. The goal is to help the shopper successfully reach a buying decision. Add in trending items and topics, and consider providing a downloadable PDF version available for those who want to print out the guide. You can also create an app that will make it ultra easy for those with smartphones to get ideas for and keep track of gifts.


3. Create content around holiday-themed keywords.

Many shoppers will be looking for exclusive holiday specials and deals. If you run an online store, make sure you have plenty of content about upcoming specials and deals, holiday wishlist items, and holiday-themed content on your blog, and circulate these offers on social media. These things will help attract more shoppers and encourage them to purchase items from you.

4. Strategize advertising of post-holiday sales.

After a holiday passes, people are still shopping with gift cards they received as gifts. This is almost a second holiday for retail stores. Companies can take advantage of this shopping rush by advertising post-holiday sales the week after Christmas, when many people are working or traveling.

5. Personalize messaging and marketing.

Personalize email messages with the shopper’s exact name in the subject line and body; send personalized greeting cards via USPS; and provide rewards for visiting a brick-and-mortar store. All of these are simple ways to help create a sense of trust and comfort with the brand or company.

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