For some reason, responding to Instagram comments has been more of an afterthought to businesses. Facebook and Twitter seem to be regularly monitored by businesses, but Instagram needs to be seen as an equal priority.

With any social network, you have to be engaging to keep your followers and customers. You can’t afford to ignore comments on any of your social media accounts.

Of course, each social network has their own approach that you have to take when it comes to creating community.

Here’s how to win followers and customers with Instagram comments:

1. Praise or Reviews

We’re raised to say, “Thank you,” when we receive a compliment. Let’s make sure that transfers over to our Instagram comments as well. Not only do you thank them, but make sure you put genuine thought into your response. You can even use this as an opportunity to use their comment as a review on your site. Winning.

2. Negative Comments and Reviews

Negative feedback is not to be taken lightly. Take the time to get to the bottom of the complaint, but do so in private. Ask for the person’s contact information and solve the matters in a polite way, which shows you maintain your reputation, but you also have the wisdom to do so discreetly.

3. One-word or Emoji Comments

These are the single circumstances where the pressure’s off when it comes to replying to comments. If you’re feeling motivated, go for it!

4. Questions

Never leave a question in Instagram comments unattended. Always find a way to reach people to make sure their questions are answered. You have a few options for how you choose to contact them:

-Respond with your answer in a comment. However, if the question requires a long response, ask them for their email address and respond fully there.

-If it’s a simpler question about your product, send a response or send them a link to your website.

-Send them a DM, or Direct Message, with your response. Then, make sure you comment publicly and tell them to look out for your DM.

By making your responses public, your followers will be impressed by your customer service.

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