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Instagram’s latest update came with a new feature: Instagram Stories.

If you’re already an avid Snapchat user, you’re probably noticing many parallels between the two apps. Just like Snapchat Stories, users are able to post videos or photos. These stories stream chronologically above your Instagram feed. Your “story” is then active for a 24-hour period for your followers to view. After 24 hours, your story disappears. No longer do Instagram users have to worry about overposting to their followers’ feeds.

Users can also add captions or colored filters to their stories, for now, while Snapchat remains slightly more interactive with its lenses.

Why Business Owners Should Use Instagram Stories

Customers feel involved in the process when they get a “behind the scenes” look into your business. Instagram allows business owners to showcase their products through videos and photos—all for free!

Of course the emergence of Instagram stories does not mean the traditional feed is history. It’s up to the business owner to decide which content deserves a permanent space in their feed and which should be designated for the 24-hour story. When you are capturing content for Instagram, ask yourself this question: Is this fit for the permanency in my feed or the urgency of a story?

The prime goal is to cultivate community by engaging your audience in an ongoing dialogue that flows through your feed and stories.

Instagram Stories Can Broaden Your Audience

On average, Instagram and Snapchat are used by younger audiences versus Facebook. Stories also taps into the viewing behaviors of the teen demographic, which often deletes posts that do not receive much engagement.

The amount Instagram users already trumps Snapchat’s numbers. Snapchat’s somewhat complicated interface also deters the older audience from learning a new platform entirely. With Stories, the older demographic has an easier transition to the new tool versus Snapchat.

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