iOS 10, Apple’s latest operating system, was just launched, and the operating system has some exciting, productivity-boosting updates for you and your business.

An Improved Siri

With iOS 10, virtual assistant app, Siri, will now be able to control third-party apps. Essentially, this means that you can make a Skype call or hail an Uber ride with simple voice commands. Thanks, Siri.


Synced devices have never been more fluid. iOS 10 has good news for business owners, especially. View and access all of your desktop files and folders via the iCloud on your iPhone. In addition, Universal Clipboard is a new tool that assists with copying text, photos and more from your iPhone or iPad to your desktop or laptop. No longer will you need to email links from your phone to computer with this time-saving tool.

Visual Voicemail

Have you had to replay clients’ voicemails over and over to jot down their messages? With this new feature, your iPhone’s voice recognition transcribes all messages into text for you to easily view.

Auto Unlock

Auto Unlock brings more security among your Apple devices. When your iPhone is near your Mac laptop or desktop computer, Bluetooth pairs your devices so that your computer can unlock itself. This feature is helpful for those working from multiple devices, but want to maintain high security on each while bypassing all of the password screens.

Updated Messaging App

The built-in messaging app is now equipped with new automation features. For instance, if a friend asks about your current location, Messages can detect this and will give you the option for you to send a quick reply with your exact location.

In addition, the app’s text prediction has been improved to help with those pesky text message typos to clients.

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