Boost Your Business through LinkedIn

By Hannah M.

How to Boost Your Business through LinkedIn

Reap The Business Benefits of Linkedin

There are numerous ways Linkedin can help take your business to the next level. By easily connecting with others experienced in your field and your specific client base, this is a great business asset that should not be overlooked.

Below are some tips on how to utilize Linkedin to boost your business!

Your Unique Brand

Your brand is the first step to establishing your online reputation. You will want to create something unique and striking, a brand that your clients will remember to refer! As a professional, you know that how your future clients perceive your business is a make or break factor. Through creating a bold new brand on your Linkedin profile, your business will be ready to take off!

SSI Scores

Keeping track of your SSI (Social Selling Index) Scores on Linkedin is a great way of watching your brand take effect in real time.

Your SSI has groundbreaking information to help your business, as it gives you a complete breakdown of your online influence and how it’s affecting your sales.

There are a number of aspects that influence your SSI scores, one of the most important being your personal brand. The more established your brand, the higher your score. Your brand is how client’s get to know you!

Another consideration for your SSI score is your connections and engagements. This particular break down will show you if the connections and engagements being made by your business are beneficial. Your SSI tells you when you’ve made the best connections to boost your business! Likewise, the level of effort put into building these connections affects your score.

All of these factors contribute to your Industry and Network SSI, which ranks your profile against other professionals in your market through the region and your network.

Personalize Your Unique Brand

Make sure you have your Linkedin profile as detailed as possible, in order to personalize your brand unique to your business. Being aware of how much SSI contributes to your overall achievements, you know how important it is to have a well-rounded profile.

Be sure to have an updated photo – your clients will want to know who they’re connecting with! Next, your headline should be something catchy; it will be your first selling point, and you want to immediately interest your clients. You will want to have a detailed resume available, including a summary of your business experience, what your business is about, your unique skill set, etc. Certifications, achievements, and language proficiency are all great points to include to bolster your online reputation, if available.

Don’t forget to change your personal profile URL! Linkedin typically generates a random link with numbers, and you will want something unique and professional that your clients can easily reach.

Connect With Clients

Linkedin is a handy way of connecting with old clients and gaining new ones, due to the ease of finding professionals on this site. Anytime someone hands you a business card, go search for their profile on Linkedin; this instantaneous connection can lead to referrals and many more unknown business opportunities. This is also a wonderful way to improve your online reputation by requesting recommendations from connections. Go to your new connection’s Linkedin profile and click on “Ask to be recommended”. Make sure to ask your connection a few questions in your message to help them start their testimonial!

Keep Your Audience Engaged 

As your reputation begins to build, you will want to keep all new connections interested in your business! Be sure to start doing regular posts; blogs are a great way of keeping people updated on the most exciting things happening with your business.

The Next Step For Your Business

Seeing the many ways Linkedin can be a business asset, you shouldn’t waste anytime creating your profile and tailoring your personal brand. If you’re already on Linkedin, be sure to keep track of your SSI and take into consideration these helpful tips to boost your business!

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