Picture a website, featuring just a centered logo, surrounded by blank space. There’s nothing on the page but a logo! Your focus is immediately drawn to a certain point – the logo. This design tactic can be extremely effective and useful in many instances. Negative space is imperative when considering your web-page design. 

Whitespace is the break between all other pieces on the page. This space assists in defining figures as well as limits. Utilizing it correctly can greatly improve your design. It should be an active part of your web-page, and carefully considered when creating your site.

Why Space is Necessary

Negative space can be extremely impactful when designing a unique web-page. Rather than having a cluttered appearance, the use of whitespace can balance everything out. Here is how negative space can help your web design: 

Improve Comprehension 

Using space correctly makes everything more visible. Your viewers won’t have to hunt down details, because the whitespace should lead them right to what they’re looking for. It’s a proven fact that everything becomes clearer with correct use of negative space. Improve viewer comprehension and visual appeal by adding negative space to your page.

Direct Focus

Whitespace can be a great asset when drawing attention to a certain area. You can direct your viewers to the most important place on the page, which increases usability, thus a more pleasant experience for the visitor.

Increase Interactions

A typical visitor will stay on the page for 8 seconds before their attention is diverted. So when designing, keep this in mind! Make your home page clear, with your focal points directed by whitespace. Keep it simple, and use your space! 

Utilize Whitepace to Set Branding Tone

Conducively organizing negative space can assist brand development. How you format sets the tone for your brand, so design mindfully! 

Group by element 

When creating your page, be sure to group by like elements. You want to make a clear, organized site; by placing similar items together you can improve readability. 

Using negative space correctly when designing your website can improve traffic and retention rates. When used the right way, whitespace can grab the attention of visitors and boost your business. Negative space is key! It’s a necessary piece of design that you should actively utilize. 

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