What is done during the SLM Offboarding process for KW Associates?

In the unfortunate event that an Associate decides to leave Keller Williams, we want to make sure that they leave on a positive note. Either the Associate themselves, or Market Center Leadership, can visit www.ScottLeRoyMarketing.com/Offboarding, and we can do the following†:

  • Deactivate KW.com agent profile††
  • Deactivate Placester website
  • Deactivate eAgentC website
  • Deactivate eEdge email campaigns
  • Export eEdge Contacts (If requested)
  • Delete eEdge Contacts (If requested)
  • Turn off all KW profile email/text notifications
  • Forward @KW.com email address to new address†††,††††

Once the associate has been offboarded, the last steps are for the MCA (not SLM) to remove them from WinMORE, and for either the Associate or the Market Center to contact Market Leader directly to remove their eEdge profile††††.


† This form must be submitted and processed prior to the Associate being removed from WinMORE. Once removed from WinMORE, the Associate’s myKW account is no longer accessible for offboarding.

†† Offboarding does not remove mention of the Associate from search engines. Those results must cycle out as search engines update on their own schedules.

††† Only if KW email is accessible after resetting password within mykw.kw.com. If Two-step verification is turned on, or if Google does not recognize our login attempt, or for any other reason we cannot log in to Google, we cannot forward the KW email.

†††† The KW email will only remain active for roughly 60 days after leaving KW, depending on KW International’s schedule. The KW email will eventually be deleted automatically on the KW International end.

††††† The Associate or Market Center must contact Market Leader to deactivate the eEdge account. SLM Is not allowed to contact Market Leader to deactivate the eEdge profile on behalf of the Associate.