Online Security Tips

By Hannah M.

 Online Security Tips

How to Stay Safe Online

When starting up your business, online security is a top priority. In order to build client trust and your online reputation, you want to keep yours and clients information safe! The best way to prevent your security being compromised is to first be aware of the most common ways your security could be violated.

Sensitive Information

Today, more business is being taken online, and as a business owner, you will want to keep up with the information stored and who has access to it. Personal data can unknowingly be passed on to hackers with something as simple as opening an email, so all business members with access to such information should stay vigilant for odd activity. Building your online security by minimizing sensitive data transfer  can greatly improve your chances of deflecting a cyber attack.

Disaster Struck! What’s Your Strategy?

In the Digital Age, it’s near impossible to avoid some kind of cyber attack. They are becoming more common, but easy to deal with if you have the correct procedures in place. Make sure all team members prepare for cyber attacks; the quicker the reaction, the better your chance to avoid consequences and protect your online reputation. Predicting an attack can help lessen the effects it may have on your online business, similarly having a solid plan in place will improve your chances of recovering quickly.

Update Access Information

Limiting access is one of the most beneficial security measures you can take and therefore highly encouraged. Only provide access information to members who require it. Use strong passwords and update frequently! Numbers, special characters, and letters are all encouraged. The trickier the password and the more often you update it, the better your chances are of avoiding an attack.

Know Security Procedures

Most security breaches are the result of unintentional information leaks by employees, therefore, it is important to take the time to have the correct security training for all team members in order to best protect your data and online reputation. Training on proper security measures is imperative to creating awareness and preventing attacks before they happen.

Keep Your Online Reputation Safe!

Preventing security breaches before they happen is important to protecting your online status, but it’s almost a given a security attack can happen to any online business. Staying up to date on new security measures  is important to managing attacks as they happen. With the right information and training, recovering from an attack can certainly be a breeze.

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