How to Optimize Your Digital Marketing Efforts

By Shelby Ballou

digital marketing optimization

Digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving. Because of this, marketers need to be more and more creative in their approach.

If you are trying to get a handle on effective digital media optimization, read these tips to get you started.

Plan an integrated marketing strategy.

Brands must understand what type of digital content performs best for their target audience. This is the first step of planning. It’s necessary to prioritize cross-channel integration of marketing activities. It’s also important to identify the path each customer takes for a successful conversion. After that, you can adapt the right channel mix to optimize conversion.

Focus on your short term strategy.

The digital marketing landscape changes constantly. Because of this, it’s smart to focus primarily on your short term strategy instead of your long term strategy. Focusing on the short term can help conserve resources for both fresh startups and established companies.

Get to know your audience.

You need to communicate with your customers through blog posts, marketing copy, newsletters, and more. Your entire content marketing strategy should center around the audience. In order to connect with your audience, find out what channels they’re using, identify the lingo that resonates with them, and create content they will value.

Personalization is important.

Personalization is a great way to convert a customer into a sale. Create marketing activities based on what the user wants. Users will appreciate your efforts to connect with them, and most likely, conversions will happen.

Measure data.

It’s essential to leverage the power of data through attribution modeling, audience segmentation, media mix analysis, and customer value modeling. With tools like Google Analytics and Watson Analytics, you can easily and quickly measure a great deal of data.

Apply a growth driven design.

GDD, or growth driven design, is a fusion between site redesign and marketing. There’s no point redesigning a site with stale content. It won’t help! Instead, GDD succeeds by making performance improvements based on audience behavior.

Make sure your voice is authoritative.

Your brand voice should be authoritative. A successful brand inspires people on and off the field. Your brand voice must be genuine, friendly, and consistent with your product.  Social media has allowed brands to connect with their customers on a personal level.