Personalization is quickly becoming the smartest way to strengthen your marketing campaign. Now, what does that mean for your business?

Personalization isn’t solely about adding your customer’s name to emails. You have to take the extra step to get personal. This strategy is about directly connecting with your customers and being transparent.

The more you get on a personal level with your customers, the more loyal they’ll be to your company and your products.

Here are four ways your to foster personalization in your marketing campaign:

1. Create a meaningful experience for your customers.

While certainly a challenge, creating a meaningful experience for your customers is well worth the time. Netflix, for instance, will recommend movies or shows based on your recently viewed items. Other companies will make suggestions based on your recent purchases. The meaningful experiences boil down to a a visit that’s memorable and recognizable.

2. Remind your customers why you appreciate them.

As mentioned before, customers look past their name at the beginning of an email newsletter. Personalization comes in when you include an attribute of their own account. Is it their birthday? Have they been a card member for a year? Customers will appreciate the extra effort to acknowledge them directly, and before you know it, sales will increase.

3. Get ultra personal!

Completely customizable shopping experiences are what users are looking for. Companies like The Knot allow the user to curate their own wedding site, for instance, as they count down the number of days until ‘I Do.’ Blue Apron saves you a grocery store run and sends you all the ingredients based on a recipe that the customer selects. See where we’re going with this?

4. Rethink your company’s About Me or Mission Statement.

Your About Me or Mission Statement is the perfect place to practice personalization. You can quickly reveal your personality while also reassuring your customers that you know their interests as well. Do this by taking the time to curate a few hard-hitting sentences. Personalize it by adding some monumental moments of your company’s history, such as an anniversary.

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