How To Spend 1 Hour a Day On Digital Marketing

By Shelby Ballou

If you’re a small business owner that wears many hats, it might seem impossible to add digital marketing to the list. Here’s a quick rundown of digital marketing efforts that take minimal time but will drastically increase your company’s exposure.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization (15 min)

Make sure all your main pages are correctly optimized for the keyword phrases you want to target. To improve your SEO, use tools (like SEMRush) to find keyword phrases you want to focus on. Then, make sure each page is optimized for those keywords in the meta title, meta description, header tag, body content, and URL. When all this is finished, you still need to maintain your SEO efforts on a daily basis. A great way to do this is through having a blog and updating it. Write unique content that appeals to your customers, and you’ll attract people who are interested in your company.

Conversion Rate Optimization (10 min)

Make a daily effort to work on your conversion rate. These tasks include changing text, changing colors on your website, or learning the newest and best practices. Don’t go overboard with these things. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Social Media (10 min)

Social media is a fantastic way to connect with consumers. Explore various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Once you figure out where your audience is spending the most time, log into each account on a daily basis and post content, reply to customers, and follow/like other businesses.

PPC (15 min)

If you’re not currently running PPC, you need to change that. If you have a basic knowledge of PPC, you’ll be able to jump right into these tasks. Create one new Ad Group of 10 similar phrases to target, create five new ads to replace low performing ads, put in 1-5 new negative keywords from low performing ads, and pause any low performing ads. These things might take you longer than 15 minutes in the beginning, but you’ll speed up over time.

Reviews (10 min)

Positive reviews are more powerful than any SEO/PPC tactic that you can do. Make a list of your top five reviews places, such as Google+ and Yelp. After that, personally email customers that you went above and beyond for, and ask them to tell the world about their experience. This seems simple, but it’s extremely powerful.

Email Marketing (30 min; every other week)

Email marketing is also very important. It’s a great goal to send out bi-weekly emails, but this can change depending on what type of business you are. Provide valuable content, advice, and other items they’ll appreciate.

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