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Are you thinking of making a Pinterest profile for your business? When used correctly, the platform is a unique social network that allows you to reach a niche audience that even Twitter and Facebook can’t reach. However, the last thing you want to do is waste your marketing efforts if Pinterest is unfamiliar territory.

Whether you’re a Pinterest veteran or embarking in this journey for the first time, steer clear of these eight Pinterest marketing mistakes.

8 Pinterest Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

1. Skipping the description.

Most Pinterest users skip writing descriptions all together, and when they do, they aren’t written strategically. Keywords are vital to a good description since they direct traffic to your pins and boards. Make your descriptions count by incorporating relevant links, keywords and calls to action.

2. Using the wrong keywords.

Utilize Pinterest’s Guided Search tool to use the correct keywords for your pins. This tool gives brands insight to key terms that a user is likely to use when searching for pins. Once you learn the keywords that are appropriate for your content, craft them into a creative description to make your boards more discoverable.

3. Forgetting to engage.

Not engaging with social media is an obvious marketing foul. It’s simple. The more you engage, the more you’ll spread your Pinterest presence and lead others to your boards.

4. Promoting too much of your own content.

Your profile should represent your brand as a whole. Pinning too much of your own original content can turn off your followers. Therefore, it’s important to post content from a wide range of sources. Share relevant articles, blog posts and images that reflect your inspiration.

5. Leaving up outdated content.

While pins will drive customers to your business’s website for years, you have to keep track of what is no longer available. When a product is no longer in stock, clean up these older pins to prevent a frustrated customer.

6. Posting boring photos.

It’s no secret that Pinterest is a mainly visual platform. Of all the Pinterest marketing mistakes, posting photos with bland backgrounds or those that would be on the average commercial site will not motivate your customers to re-pin. Pin visually appealing, unique content.

7. Linking to your site improperly.

This is simple: Make the link from your pin as specific as possible. If you’re sharing a photo of your company’s latest pair of shoes, don’t link to your website’s homepage. Link to the actual product page so that customers can make a purchase if they’re interested. Then make sure there are other relevant products in a sidebar on that page; this will keep the user on your site.

8. Forgetting to create a strategy.

Consistent, strategic posting is key to building a community that will be loyal to your products. Experts say it takes 60 days of regular pinning and engaging to create this kind of community.

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