We Have Received Your Transfer Questionnaire!

We have received your questionnaire, please allow 1-2 business days for us to complete your on-boarding. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us at support@scottleroymarketing.com.

Special considerations for agents transferring between KW Market Centers

Keep in mind the following information that is unique to KW Associates who are moving from one KW Market Center to another:

  1. You will receive a new app code/link with new branding for the new Market Center, and will need to re-brand your app to show the new office information: https://youtu.be/sIWsuLk14T0
    • Clients already using your previous app will not lose access to their accounts, and you will still receive leads from the old app, and those leads will still be accessible through the same Wolfnet Back End.
  2. You will keep the same Dotloop/eTransactions account using the same email address, SLM will add an additional profile within that same account for the new Market Center, leaving access to the old Market Center’s loops in another profile.
    • NOTE: If your previous office removes you from the brokerage, you will no longer have access to those loops. Contact your old Market Center or Dotloop Support directly for help reinstating you.
  3. SLM will move all of your existing eEdge contacts to the new Market Center, and update the address shown on your profiles/campaign emails. You will retain the same eEdge site/email address.
  4. You will need to set up any new IDX connections for your sites if your MLS organization is different at the new Market Center. See this video for more information about IDX connections: https://youtu.be/1vf1wEfQMl8
  5. Your @kw.com email address does not change when transferring Market Centers, even when changing states.
  6. You do not receive a new KW Website powered by Placester when transferring Market Centers.

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