Marketing trends are constantly changing to improve business due to the evolution of technology. This year will see remarkable changes in online marketing trends. This evolution of technology has changed marketing forever. It’s necessary to the life of your business to adapt with these changes. There’s no time to hesitate this year. Review your tactics, determine what needs to go and what can stay. This is the year for your business to soar!

5 Online Marketing Trends You Should Use This Year

1. Inbound Strategies

Impress your clients this year by tailoring your outreach to your customer base. This kind of promotion features your unique service, which adds value in the eyes on your audience. Marketing online has changed dramatically over the last couple of years, and this movement towards upgraded, unique content has led to higher client retention and brand popularity. New, distinctive content is a favorite for Google, which displays the latest and most relevant news. Content marketing is a trend that is sticking around, thus making it a profitable move for your business to increase budget limits towards create fresh, unique content.

2. Visual Marketing

Video consumption is another trend that has vastly changed and improved online strategies. Visual marketing has been proven to be more alluring to an online audience and keeps your followers engaged. It’s estimated about 65% of the population are visual learners, so it stands to reason that visual content is the best way to get the news out about your business! Visual marketing is a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon, and has proven to be so lucrative that your business can’t afford to miss out on this technique! Creating a unique, professional video can be expensive, but the success that it promises is well-worth the investment.

3. Growth Hacking

A fairly recent trend, growth hacking helps you implement simple tactics to quickly grow your business. Growth hackers are the people behind the scenes for this specific marketing tactic and have one goal in mind: to grow your business. It’s extremely beneficial to have someone on your team whose only task is how to best market and grow your audience.

4. Chatbots

This new online technique is still in its early stages, but holds great prospects for your business. Chatbots are able to engage in conversations with real-time potential clients through the assistance of AI. Many successful businesses with a large client-base have already implemented this marketing strategy, due to client preference. Customers want efficiency and a fast response, which chatbots are able to provide. Instead of spending huge amounts of time on trivial subjects that can easily be answered, you’re now able to pass that work on to chatbots, thus enabling you to invest more time into your business.

5. Automation

Automation is the future of online marketing! This consists of software which automatically completes repetitive duties, such as emails, social media, website actions, etc. This gives your business the opportunity to develop client relationships without investing too much valuable time. This technique is continuing to evolve and improve business. It’s quickly becoming one of the most prominent marketing strategies of this year, so don’t wait to grow your business through automation!

This year will see incredible leaps in marketing techniques for professionals, making it the perfect year for trial and error! Technology is always changing, and keeping up with the new trends can be overwhelming. There are new marketing techniques coming out almost daily, but these five tactics are quickly becoming the most popular for online businesses today. Buckle down and get ready to see your business grow!
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