The Digital Age: Demystifying the Public Cloud

By Hannah M.

The Public Cloud

The Digital Age offers extensive opportunities to expand your business. However, it is becoming more common to see data center breaches. Many corporate organizations avoid using the cloud due to security fears, but with the correct procedures, the cloud has many beneficial features. How can you maximize these benefits but ensure data security? Keep reading for cloud security myths busted!

Myth 1: Customers in the Same Cloud Network Can Attach Each Others

There is a common myth that cloud technology with multiple customers is less secure than traditional hardware. Some believe that cloud consumers are more vulnerable to attacks from others on the same network. But, due to a hyper-visor layer between each customer, it’s difficult for an attack to occur. Furthermore, many providers offer higher security options to reduce security risks.

Myth 2: You Do Not Have Control Over Your Data Residency

Data residency is a high concern for many cloud users. As it should be, data residency collects and stores confidential client information. This is easily addressed, as there are many different cloud providers throughout the world. With this in mind, ensure that the cloud provider you choose has a global footprint and satisfactory accountability, and this concern should be a non-issue.

Myth 3: Public Clouds Are Not Inherently Transparent

Establishing digital trust with your cloud provider requires security and transparency. Lack of this visibility is a prime reason for many companies to choose more traditional storage options. Not all cloud companies accentuate their transparency policies; however, this is also easily addressed. It’s as simple as researching your cloud provider to ensure they offer all features you will require. Be sure to look into their Cloud Trust Protocol (CTP), which is created to help you make an informed decision. Transparency in the cloud is possible, but it is just a matter of finding the correct provider.

The Cloud is More Secure…

Security mechanisms are constantly evolving to meet the needs of customers as security risks change. Although the security risks may be true, Cloud providers are vigilant about their security measures, making it much safer than a typical data center. Not quite ready to take your business to the next level? The Benefits of Cloud Technology has some quick tips on how moving your business to the cloud can give you an advantage.

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