holiday marketing

With the holidays in full swing, now is the perfect time to promote your business to holiday shoppers. Here are seven ways to utilize holiday marketing!

1. Don’t ever assume.

Don’t ever assume that all of your customers celebrate Christmas. Know your demographic. Are they Catholic? Jewish? Buddhist? It’s important to understand your audience and cater to their specific needs.

2. Go towards the crowds.

Know where your customers “live” online. Do they spend a lot of time on Facebook? Are they more active on Twitter? Wherever they spend most of their time, go there to promote your holiday deals and specials.

3. Respect different beliefs.

When differences in beliefs, traditions, and customs inevitably come up, show respect. Recognize these differences in your marketing campaign to show you’re globally minded.

4. Utilize old traditions.

Old traditions are typically popular traditions. Santa, Christmas trees, and gingerbread men are holiday customs that stick in peoples’ minds. Plan a marketing campaign around a custom that’s already permanently stamped into the minds of consumers. People will instantly recognize the symbol and develop holiday associations with your campaign.

5. Start new traditions.

New traditions are great, too! This gives you an opportunity to solidify your brand. For example, the Coca Cola polar bears are now an iconic Christmas symbol. Another popular new tradition that’s swept through the nation? Eld on the Shelf.

6. Get people talking.

When people come together to celebrate the holidays, what do they do? Talk. They discuss what products they’re using, where they’re going, who they’re following, and so on. If you want your product, service or brand to be part of the conversation, try to make your campaign memorable!

7. Pay attention to what does and doesn’t work.

Your holiday marketing campaigns won’t always work. Try a new angle each year, until something sticks. Once you find a campaign that takes offf, follow that direction in the coming years.

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