4 Tips for Boosting Online Audience Engagement

By Anne Leonard

By now, you know that monitoring online audience engagement is crucial to running your business. While you can Tweet or Instagram sporadically, it takes intentional strategy to maintain engagement among your followers and customers.

Here are four tips you can use to boost your online audience engagement.

1. Building online audience engagement with your followers begins with your content.

Did you know that more than half of all consumers will follow a brand’s social media account before they make their first purchase? This shows that the content you produce should not be taken lightly if you want your followers to eventually become customers. Your content should not only be promotional, but it should benefit your customer. For instance, if your post promises a discount, make sure that you keep your end of the bargain.

2. Be quick to respond to customers’ questions.

Just like you wouldn’t ignore a customer’s complaint in your storefront, the same goes to responding to your customer’s questions via social media. The maximum time a customer should have to wait is 24 hours for your response via social media. Plus, when you respond in a timely manner, your customers will be impressed at how well you cater to their needs. Not responding or waiting too long to respond will of course affect your brand negatively.

3. Make sure your content lives up to your mission and overall brand.

Authenticity and being transparent on social media is crucial to maintaining a personal connection with your followers. However, it’s even more important to make sure you are sticking to your brand’s key values, mission and personality. If you know that emojis appeal to your audience, use emojis in your content. If your audience appreciates humor and edginess, then use this to your advantage on social media. The balance comes down to this: You must know your audience to speak their language while also staying true to your brand.

4. Choose your social media platforms wisely.

While you could be a part of the Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat communities, this doesn’t mean it’s beneficial for your brand or audience. You’ll soon become burned out on social media and have less of a presence across all of your accounts. The key is to choose two or three platforms for you to strongly represent your brand. Facebook should be one of your key platforms since it appeals to all generations.

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