Content marketing is becoming important to many companies as more and more of them are seeing immense returns. Whether there are a few or many available resources or whether a company is big or small, there are certain strategies that could fit your needs.

Here are some tips that you will be able to incorporate into your strategy to be able receive the highest return when it comes to content marketing:

Invest in visual content. 94 percent of content with visuals get more total views than content with text. Remember to incorporate visual content to your blog, website, or any social media that is out there.

Leverage A/B split testing. Testing software now allows marketers and business owners to use the split test tool and mess around with different images and titles to see which perform best. This can be used to your advantage to find out what is best for your company.

Repurpose for max value. To maximize the value of the content that you deicide to publish, find different ways you could repurpose your content to continually use it. For example, if you are posting a Facebook status throughout the week, you can pull key points from the same article or blog post. This will extend the life of the content you choose to use.

Target a specialized segment. To be able to stand out as a small company or brand, try targeting a highly-specialized segment. Incorporate this tactic by linking up with industry blogs, long keywords, and focusing on social media to connect with the specialized segment you are trying to reach.

Measure your return on investment. Evaluate your ROI by focusing on examining four major components: content format, distribution channel, content message, and promotional efforts. After you understand these four components, you will be able to maximize your return.

While you keep these tips in mind, always remember that the current state of content marketing is constantly changing and never stays the same for too long.