Editing is often a hassle, but the quality of your editing can make or break your business. Thoughtful, sleek editing should be client-focused and targeted towards the appropriate audience. If your editing is sloppy, the end result can be a nightmare. Here are four steps to better editing.

1. It’s all about teamwork.

It’s common for one person to handle multiple client accounts, but make sure multiple eyes are on your content. Team members should talk frequently and help each other out. Tweets and posts should be reviewed by more than one person, and copy should be read carefully before publishing. As a result, you’ll make less mistakes.

2. Clarity is key.

As you edit, replace vague language or anything that could be misunderstood. Delete buzzwords and industry jargon. In addition, use simple, easy-to-understand language, and make sure copy is consistent. Your goal is to help clarify and strengthen a client’s language.

3. Develop your style. 

What guidelines do you follow with grammar? Select a language style, and agree to follow it. Write down phrases that should never appear in your content, and write down the exact steps of your proofing process. Your style will grow and evolve over time, and it should also change from client to client, depending on their preferences and needs.

4. Don’t neglect metrics.

Always get feedback on your content. Watch over your metrics and analytics, and pay attention to what’s resonating with your audience. What kind of language performs well? Use it often.

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