Tips to Tempt Clients This Holiday

By Hannah M.Tips to Tempt Clients This Holiday

Spread some holiday cheer this year and spice up your business with these ideas!

1. Offer Gift Suggestions

A wonderful way to help your worn-out customers this holiday is with an easy guide to follow when looking for the perfect present. This is a great opportunity to market your brand by suggesting your products to go along with gift ideas. Sending an email to your client list or posting a blog to your website with creative last minute gift ideas will make your business one to remember!

2. Reward Your Customers

The holidays are a great reason to promote your brand with friendly competitions and fun giveaways! Have your clients, neighbors, and friends all participate in a cheery Christmas contest and snap photos of the whole family by the tree. Don’t forget to have them tag your business in their post! Create a trendy hashtag so everyone can join in on the festivity and view the decor; some ideas to include could be bonus points for most festive furbaby, etc…get creative with your holiday competition this year!

3. Free Shipping

Who doesn’t love a discount with their purchase? Especially around the holidays, this can be a welcoming way to introduce new customers to your business. This is a proven way to boost sales and a wonderful reward to finish the year. Remember to promote this on your social media with the hashtag: #FreeShippingDay and watch your business take off!  

4. Flash sales

Make the holidays a little more enchanting this year by having a flash sale. Be clear about your one-day only sale to create a little more excitement. A cheery email or social media post with a banner and festive media is a great way to advertise this; tailor this announcement to your personal client base to give it extra sparkle!

5. Share Your Expertise

The best gift you can give your clients is your insight! Creating a free eBook, quick article, or blog post with some of your most useful market advice can go a long way this holiday. To further personalize this to your customers, send a quick survey to see what area of knowledge they are most interested in and which would be the best way to share this; leave room for comments! Your customers are your most valuable resource and their feedback can help you get creative.

6. Gift Cards and Coupons

Gift cards are a favorite last-minute gift; promote your business by offering gift cards with certain purchases. Snack boxes and fruit arrangements are classic gifts to show customers you care. Another great alternative to the gift card is offering coupons for your business. Remind your customers their business was important and appreciated this year!

7. Join the Holiday Fun

Spread the holiday cheer and join in on your competition this year! Add your picture by the tree to your social media to kick off the contest. Send customers a festive end-of-year thank-you letter with a holiday photo of the staff; it’s a great way to strengthen client relations!

8. Simplify Shopping for Your Customers

Give your customers one less hassle to deal with this holiday and simplify the shopping process for them! Create an online resource with links to everything customers might need from your business; help them navigate with ease this holiday season and make your brand an appreciated asset!

Give Your Last Minute Clients an Unforgettable Holiday With These 8 Tips

Last-second gifts can be a exhausting ordeal, but with these festive marketing ideas your customers will know you have them covered!

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