Top Social Media Marketing Trends of 2016

By Shelby Ballou


Do you want your social media efforts to be successful this year? It’s time to evaluate and revamp your social media strategy. Below are some highly effective social media trends that will help you dominate your industry in 2016.

Social Commerce

Facebook and Pinterest, the two most popular social media platforms, have adopted the concept of social commerce. With the “buy” button, advertisers can sell their products through social media. This trend is expected to be adopted by all social media platforms by the end of 2016. This innovative feature has the ability to transform social media platforms into commerce hubs.

Video Marketing

In 2015, written content was king of social media. But in 2016, video content is expected to witness exponential growth. To effectively utilize videos in your marketing strategy, various types of videos can be used. It’s completely up to you how you decide to present videos to your audience.

Automation of Social Media Marketing

Marketing automation is another important trend evolving in social media. This term refers to software that allows marketers to advertise on multiple social media channels at the same time. Marketing automation eliminates the need to repeat the same marketing message across multiple social media channels. This will save your company valuable time and give your brand increased exposure.

Social Media Search

Search engine results are heavily focused on written content, whereas people are generally more interested in finding pictures, videos, and trusted reviews. To meet these needs, users often prefer social searches. In order to attract more attention, it’s essential for businesses to make themselves relevant in social search.

Digital Marketing

Organic content continues to be a priority for any company looking to build a strong online presence. Makes sure you don’t slack on SEO. Social content is steadily becoming more popular than search engines. As a result, social media posts, profiles, and reviews are getting more visibility. When you search on Google, notice how Tweets and Facebook posts rank highly in the results. Be prepared to see more and more social media platforms appearing on search engine results due to the timeliness of posted content.

Mobile Friendliness

The evolution of the smartphone has made mobile phones the primary device for almost all web content consumers. Users interact on social media platforms through their mobile devices. Statistics released at the end of 2015 show how desktop traffic has been left in the dust by mobile traffic. And in 2016, it’s fair to assume an increase in numbers. In 2016, it’s essential for companies to have a website or app that is mobile-friendly.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are essential for businesses because it shows potential customers that you are trustworthy and acts as a form of free marketing. Make sure to keep track of your customers through social media and encourage them to leave reviews for your product/services. Trusted, positive reviews enhance the credibility of a business.