According to comScore Inc., the average Internet user watches 186 videos a month. This includes anything from news clips to advertising videos!

Sometimes video engages people in a way that text and photos can’t. Small-business owners can use video as a marketing tool to bring faces, voices, and personality to their business. Also, video in email can boost conversion rates and be very effective.

Your videos don’t have to be Hollywood material. You can use affordable video cameras and easy-to-use software. You can even use your smartphone camera to create these videos.

Not sure what kind of videos to create?

Types of Videos You Can Create

  1. Demonstrate your product or service: Show your customers how your business works. If your customers are informed, they are more likely to make purchases.
  2. Use customer testimonials: Have fans using your product or services on video. This helps customers envision the product or service in the stories of real people.
  3. Put donor dollars to work: Make a video of how your charitable donations benefit a cause by telling a compelling story.
  4. Introduce your staff: This can show customers how dedicated and committed your staff is. It also creates a better connection with your customers by showing them the faces and personalities of your employees.
  5. Offer a video tour of your office or business location: Add some spice to your “About Us” page, and give your customers a tour of what your business is like.
  6. Request to take a poll or survey: Make a video telling customers that their opinion matters on your “Tell Us What You Think” page.

What if you’re camera shy?

Tips for First-Time Video Producers

  • Don’t make it too complicated. Remember to keep it simple for your first video.
  • Relax. Make sure you’re comfortable with the person you’re recording with.
  • Prepare notes, but don’t read them on camera. While you can prepare with notecards, make sure you keep it casual and conversational.
  • Keep it brief. Don’t make your videos too long. Keep in mind what topics you want to cover in a limited amount of time.
  • Don’t worry too much about “ums” and “ers.” You can always film another take or edit those segments later.
  • Enable and encourage comments. Get your viewers talking and sharing by asking questions and encouraging them to comment their thoughts.
  • Incorporate a call to action. This can start the interaction with your viewers (i.e. “For more information…,” “To take our survey…,” “To share your story with us…”).