LinkedIn has become essential for businesses. It is a great tool to help grow your company and network online with like-minded peers. To optimize your LinkedIn experience, follow three simple steps. 

Complete Your Profile

LinkedIn shows how much your profile has been filled out on the upper right corner with a percentage bar. It is highly suggested to fill out all the fields on your profile to get your page to 100% completion. This includes a clear, professional headshot, updating your personal and professional experience/qualifications, volunteer history, and a short biography. (If you’re unsure of what specifically classifies as a “professional headshot” please read one of our past blogs here.) In these sections, make sure your content is up to date and gives a clear representation of who you are. Also available on your profile is a section in which to show endorsements from previous/current clients. If you’ve ever received a compliment, this is the place to include it. You can also give other professionals endorsements as well. 

Create Content

Creating content and sharing through LinkedIn will increase your credibility to your network. It shows that you are current in market trends and have a passion for what you do. Whether this is done through writing your own articles or sharing your perspective on other articles you’ve recently read, your audience will appreciate the time and effort you give. If you don’t have time to dedicate daily towards creating content, consider using platforms such as Hootsuite or Buffer which allow you to preschedule your posts. This comes in handy for those with busy schedules or when you get an itch for creativity but don’t want to overload your audience with 10+ posts a day. 


It’s one thing to post and reshare content, but engaging in conversation online will show your network you’re not a robot. Engagement is as simple as a “like” or comment on a post or photo. When you react digitally, your network can see this. Not only will this show you have an active online presence, but it could also help connect your peers together. It is important to note that while creating content and engaging digitally, a positive perspective is always better received than a negative one. In the words of Mother Teresa, “Let no one come to you without leaving happier”.

By simply showing up on this social media platform the same way you would as Facebook or Instagram, you will start to see results. Your business will grow and you’ll increase your network of professionals. 

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