Market Center Virtual Tech Concierge

Unlimited Agent Set Up

Our Agent Setup Program offers 7 solutions for your agents to be onboarded within a 1-2 business day turnaround:

  1. New Agent Setup (each MC will receive their own custom questionnaire. You are welcome to change and update the information on the questionnaire to your liking. You will also receive the completed form once the agent has filled out their questionnaire knowing who has filled it out and what they have filled out.)
  2. Simple Start Setup* (for agents that are brand new or looking to submit minimal information to be set up quickly)
  3. Transfer Setup (for agents transferring from one MC to another MC)
  4. Admin Setup (for admin in the office)
  5. Expansion Setup (for agents who are working in two or more offices)
  6. Placester Setup (for agents to just set up their new placester website)
  7. Capper Setup (each MC will receive 2 capper setups each month that will allow for same day turn around on their questionnaire if submitted prior to 2pm EST)

*The Fast Start Setup is also available in a 1 Page Flyer that can be printed and emailed to for setup.


myKW Setup Process

  • Activate eEdge
  • Activate eEdge Website/ Activate Placester Website
  • Activate eEdge Email
  • Submit Email for Approval
  • Check List Hub Box in KWLS
  • Change myKW Password
  • Profile to 100%
  • Headshots Updated in all 4 Locations
  • ADMIN – MY ACCOUNT Section Updated with Phone Number, Email and Website
  • Logo Added to ADMIN – MY ACCOUNT Section
  • Time Zone Changed To Correct MC Time Zone
  • eEdge Website Template Update
  • eEdge Website Site Banner and Logo Updated
  • eEdge Website Communities Served Set Up
  • eAgentc 1.2 Section Set Up
  • eAgentc 2.4 Hosting Section Fixed
  • eAgentc 2.4 Location Updated
  • eAgentc 2.4 Broker/ Team Information Updated
  • eAgentc 4.1 IDX Button Checked (IF Applicable)
  • eAgentc 4.5 Section Activated
  • KW APP Setup and Mobile Button Checked
  • DotLoop Activated
  • DotLoop Linked Up With Market Center
  • IDX Paperwork Sent Off (If Applicable)
  • Placester Website Setup (Pending Placester Site Is Available, If Not This Will Be Setup After The Initial Onboarding)
  • Custom Email Sent To Agents With Helpful Information
    • Login and Password
    • Websites
    • Emails and Passwords
    • App Information
    • Profile URL
    • Information on our Next Classes
    • Information on Free Services
    • Information on Free Support
  • And More!


Live and Pre-Recorded Training Webinars

myKW Academy Classes – Hands On and Overview Courses Every Tuesday

Placester 101 and 201 Classes Every Wednesday

DotLoop 101, myMarketing, Database Management and Advanced Classes Every Thursday

SLM Overview, SLM Templates Overview and Marketing Classes Every Friday



Tech Services

Virtual Tech Coordinating for All Agents

M-F Help Line on myKW, KW APP, DotLoop, Placester, KW Technology and More

Constant Agent Updating of KW Technology for All Market Center Agents

Weekly myKW/ eEdge Tips Sent Every Monday For Agents

Free Support Services as Displayed From Our Online Support Tab (New Support Items Added Frequently)


Free Services for All MC Agents

Profile Completion to 100%

myKW Optimization (similar to New Agent Setup for existing agents)

Email Campaign Setup (basic setup, does not include customization)

Contacts Imported to myKW (from CSV file)

Contacts Exported from myKW

Google Analytics Setup

Google Webmaster Tools Setup

Domain Forwarding to eEdge, Placester or the App website Email Forwarding

Email Address Updating on myKW

Phone Number Updating on myKW

Headshot Updating on myKW

QR Code Creation


*New services added constantly for agents to take advantage of at no cost to the agent.

Unlimited Off Boarding

Deactivation of KW Profile

Deactivation of eAgentc and Placester website

Exporting of myContacts to CSV file

Trashing of Contacts in myContacts

Deactivation of Email Campaigns

Email Sent to Agent with information on off boarding and next steps to complete off boarding


Marketing Templates

​After months of planning, we are officially launching our new templates section. Each month we will be including 200 more templates for the Market Center Leadership and Agents to utilize.
These templates are meant to be complimentary to the eEdge templates and are based out of the Google Apps platform. We have created these on an easy to use platform that will work on either Mac or PC. All you will need to access the templates is a email or account.
To find the new templates, please visit:



Virtual Tech Services Package (Business Centers and Mega Agent Offices are Included for free)

  • 100+ Agents – $425 monthly per Market Center
  • 50-99 Agents – $375 monthly per Market Center
  • 1-49 Agents – $325 monthly per Market Center

All rates are good for 1 year from the start date.



Additional Items To Add:

Facebook Marketing (For the Market Center)

Daily Optimization of Facebook (1-3 Post Daily)

Creation of Capper Pieces

Creation of Anniversary Pieces

Creation of New Agent Pieces

Creation of Birthday Pieces


Email Campaign and Database Management (For The Market Center Leadership)

Creation of 1st Email Drip Campaign for All New & Existing Agents

Optimization of 33 Touch, 8×8 or 12 Direct

Database Management for Team Leaders

Adding of New Agents to Database

Adding of Recruits to Database

Creation of Email Marketing Campaigns for the Office


Facebook Advertisement Maintenance

Paid Advertisement for Facebook

Lead Generation through PPC


Google Adwords Advertisement

Optimization of Ads for Lead Generating

Increase in SEO for Market Center Website

Campaigns for Both Recruiting and Lead Generating


Search Engine Optimization

Optimization for specific keywords on market center

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Maintenance of eAgentc Site

Google Analytics Tracking for Visitors/ Keywords

Tracking of Increases in Activity and Visits


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