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Check out this page for information about the services that we currently provide for Keller Williams Market Centers:

For starters, click here for a printable overview of what items are covered in the New Agent Setup process. We provide this to Market Centers to give to new Associates as a starting point for using our services, as well as to introduce our services to current Associates.

Please note, new services (introduced in the last six months), have a yellow highlight.

Unlimited New Associate Onboarding

This includes checking to make sure any and all current Associates are completely set up.
The password to access any and all of the services on our website is the Market Center number
For preview purposes, use “slm” (all lowercase)

Visit to preview the latest version of the Setup Questionnaire

See this video for more information about the full setup process:

See this video for a step-by-step guide to completing the Questionnaire:

See the Questionnaire FAQ for answers to the most common questions.

SLM Questionnaire Animation

Included in the new Associate setup process:

  • Activate eEdge Control Panel
  • Change myKW password to preferred password, designated by Associate
  • If available, enable Listhub Connector in KWLS
  • Create “” email address
  • Set up KW Website powered by Placester
    • Requires MLS ID to be entered into KW Whitepages by MC Leadership
  • Enable KWConnect Referral Profile
  • Update section 1.2 in eAgentC administration with correct contact information to populate on KW App
  • Update section 2.4 in eAgentC administration to list Placester website in KW App and on agent profile
  • Update section 4.1 in eAgentC administration to send request for Wolfnet IDX to be set up
    • Requires MLS ID to be entered into KW Whitepages by MC Leadership
  • Share KW App link from eAgentC section 4.5 with Associate
  • Update eEdge “My Account” section with correct contact information
    • Phone, Email, Website, App link, Picture, Logo, etc.
  • Add office address, phone number, and time zone in eEdge
  • Add up to ten (10) “Communities Served” to Whitepages profile and eEdge site
  • If required, add office logo and/or vendor links to KW Websites for compliance
  • Create Dotloop account
  • Connect dotloop account to Market Center Brokerage account
  • Send IDX paperwork/requests to service providers (if applicable)
    • Market Leader, Wolfnet, and Placester
    • See this video for more information
    • Requires additional agreement between Market Center and SLM
  • Set up Homekeepr Pro account
    • KWRI may cancel this service soon

After setup, an email containing the following will be sent to the new Associate, as well as to Market Center Leadership. Please feel free to request an example of this email:

  • Login information for:
    • myKW
    • KW Email
    • Kelle App
    • Dotloop
    • Homekeepr
  • KW App download information
  • KW Website link
  • Agent Profile link
  • Links to how to use all of the services listed
  • SLM 30 Day Challenge
    • Accessing training classes
    • Purchasing and forwarding a domain to their KW Website
    • Importing existing contacts to eEdge database
    • Creating email campaigns in eEdge
  • Additional support and education information and links

Optional Education Emails

After completing any questionnaire or support form, Associates have the option to enroll in our two-week education campaign with specific insights into using the most important and most popular KW technology tools.

SLM Education Campaign Preview

Webinars and Training

Our schedule of LIVE webinars cover KW tools including eEdge, Dotloop/ETransactions, Placester, KW Email, KW App, etc.

Our most up-to-date training calendar can be found at, and here is an example of what our training calendar typically looks like.

All live webinars are accessible at at the time of the class, no matter which class it is.

All of our training classes are recorded and available any time:

Focused 30 Day Challenges

SLM is proud to introduce new, focused 30 day challenges for individual technology marketing targets, found at

  • Database Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SLM Tools/KW Technology

SLM Recorded Class Example

KW Technology Support

We are here to help Associates long after their initial setup. Our email support is available from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern, weekdays, at to help with issues within the myKW platform. This includes eEdge, Dotloop, KW Email, KW Websites, etc. Our initial response goal is no later than five minutes, during business hours. While email is our primary contact method, our phone support line is also open 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern.

SLM Support Inbox

Market Center Leadership Tools

Our goal is not only to keep the Market Center itself informed, but also to serve the Market Center’s business goals. We offer tracking Associate use of our services, as well as several complimentary tools and services for Market Center operations

Questionnaire Queue

The Questionnaire Queue is updated at open and close of business each day, to allow Market Center Leadership to see at a glance which Associates have recently submitted their Setup Questionnaire, that we will be working on for that day.

To access the Questionnaire Queue, visit and click “Questionnaire Queue”.

SLM Questionnaire Queue Preview

Market Center Business Support

The following services are provided complimentary to Market Center Leadership and Staff:

  • Market Center Placester website setup
    • Including domain forwarding, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Market Center Recruiting website setup
  • Email signature creation, using SLM templates
  • Market Center eEdge recruiting and retention campaign setup
  • Market Center eEdge contact imports
    • Recruits, current Associates, etc.
  • ListHub Exceptions Report auditing
  • Custom SLM services videos for Team Meetings

Technology and Marketing Services for Associates

In line with our name, we aim both to help KW Associates hit the ground running, and to partner in building their business throughout their career. Our other aim is to be a point of leverage of time for both Market Center Leadership and Associates. Listed below are a few of the services offered to Associates, complimentary as part of the Market Center’s subscription.

These support services can be found at

  • Import existing contacts into eEdge
    • Including from TopProducer
  • Domain forwarding
    • To Placester, KW App page, etc.
  • Subscribe to MC Intranet Calendar on Google Calendar
  • Add Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to KW Website
  • eEdge email campaign setup
  • KW Website customization
    • Landing pages, This Month In Real Estate video, etc
  • QR Code Creation
    • For KW Website, KW App, Social Media, etc.
  • Dozens more

SLM Support Service List

Complimentary Marketing Material Templates

We are pleased to announce over One Thousand complimentary, easy-to-use templates for marketing materials, accessible to any KW Associate in one of our subscribed Market Centers through any Google account, including GSuite accounts, on any desktop platform. These templates are meant to be used alongside those provided within eEdge, with new templates added regularly. The templates can be found at

  • Email Signatures
    • Single-image block style
  • Just Listed Flyers
  • Open House Flyers
  • Facebook Covers
  • Letterhead
  • Training Announcements
  • Capper Announcements
  • Dozens more

Business Card and Nametag Builder

We are pleased to announce new tools to build and purchase business cards and nametags at through our provider, BrandCo!

SLM Email Signature Example

Unlimited Associate Offboarding

In the unfortunate event that an Associate decides to leave Keller Williams, we want to make sure that they leave on a positive note. Either the Associate themselves, or Market Center Leadership, can complete the form at, and we can do the following✝:

  • Deactivate agent profile✝✝
  • Deactivate Placester website
  • Deactivate eAgentC website
  • Deactivate eEdge email campaigns
  • Turn off notification emails/texts from KW profiles
  • Export eEdge Contacts (If requested)
  • Delete eEdge Contacts (If requested)

Once the associate has been offboarded, the last steps are to remove them from WinMORE, and for either the Associate or the Market Center to contact Market Leader directly to remove their eEdge profile✝✝✝.

Lastly, just for contacting us, we have some gifts for you!

Feel free to use this video to provide an overview to recruits or new Associates of all of the technology tools provided by Keller Williams:

Also, click here for a copy of our “myKW Cheat Sheet”, updated for 2018. It is a nearly exhaustive guide on using all of the tools available within myKW.

Then click here for the Leadership version of the “Cheat Sheet”, designed to help Market Center staff navigate KW Technology.

Thank you so much for your time! Hopefully this will serve as a good example of how we are helping to set Associates up to succeed, teaching them about KW tools, providing them with marketing materials and tactics, and supporting the Market Center. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me any time, day or night.


✝ This form must be submitted and processed prior to the Associate being removed from WinMORE. Once removed from WinMORE, the Associate’s myKW account is no longer accessible for offboarding.

✝✝ Offboarding does not remove mention of the Assocate from search engines. Those results must cycle out as search engines update on their own schedules.

✝✝✝ The Associate or Market Center must contact Market Leader to deactivate the eEdge account. SLM Is not allowed to contact Market Leader to deactivate the eEdge profile on behalf of the Associate.


Virtual Tech Services Package (Business Centers and Mega Agent Offices are Included for free)

  • 100+ Agents – $425 monthly per Market Center
  • 50-99 Agents – $375 monthly per Market Center
  • 1-49 Agents – $325 monthly per Market Center

All rates are good for 1 year from the start date.



Additional Items To Add:

Facebook Marketing (For the Market Center)

Daily Optimization of Facebook (1-3 Post Daily)

Creation of Capper Pieces

Creation of Anniversary Pieces

Creation of New Agent Pieces

Creation of Birthday Pieces


Email Campaign and Database Management (For The Market Center Leadership)

Creation of 1st Email Drip Campaign for All New & Existing Agents

Optimization of 33 Touch, 8×8 or 12 Direct

Database Management for Team Leaders

Adding of New Agents to Database

Adding of Recruits to Database

Creation of Email Marketing Campaigns for the Office


Facebook Advertisement Maintenance

Paid Advertisement for Facebook

Lead Generation through PPC


Google Adwords Advertisement

Optimization of Ads for Lead Generating

Increase in SEO for Market Center Website

Campaigns for Both Recruiting and Lead Generating


Search Engine Optimization

Optimization for specific keywords on market center

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Maintenance of eAgentc Site

Google Analytics Tracking for Visitors/ Keywords

Tracking of Increases in Activity and Visits


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