Are you looking for ways for your blog post to be seen and build your brand?

The best way for you to promote your blogs or get more people to notice them is through social media. Having advanced ad targetting helps to deliver your content to the correct audience. SEO is another element to establish a connection within the circle in your industry.

It can always be challenging to get those few shares and likes for your blog to get things started. Here are some ways for you to promote your blog according to the team of Quuu. You might be familiar with some of these, but they can still help you out.

  1. Pay-per-click advertising

With pay-per-click ads, it can generate instant traffic to your content or the landing page of your website. It is also the fastest and easy way for you to track and set your desired budget.

  1. Using SEO to rank organically

Using SEO tactics can help your content be pushed to the top of search engines for the specific topic of your blog. Don’t get too lost on SEO and prioritize your human readers. SEO tools that are commonly used are Google Analytics and Ahref. You can use these to help you with your blog.

  1. Be in your industry circle

Be involved with your industry’s online community. One way to drive traffic to your blogs is to market them to people in the same industry or interest circle. But always keep in mind that you’ll provide real value to see results.

  1. Content Promotion tools for Social shares
    Shares on social media increase brand awareness. They can make other sites to be linked to your blog. It helps for your content to be discovered by your target audience.
  2. Send it to your email list

Email advertising is another way for you to drive traffic to your conversion path. It doesn’t depend on paid ads or any algorithms. 47% of people will open your email based on your subject line. Be keen on the subject you place; make sure it will drive them to be curious.

If you are just starting to create a blog and have a small direct audience, you can follow these tips to get your blog and website recognized!